Vodafone UK’s “Data Test Drive” helps smartphone users determine their mobile data needs

Vodafone Data Test Drive helps smartphone users determine their mobile data needs

Vodafone UK is running a neat campaign, helping smartphone users determine their mobile data needs. Under the scheme, new and upgrading pay monthly subscribers will get unlimited data connection for three month, after which the Big Red carrier will tell them how much data they used and recommend a plan that suits their needs.

During these 90 days, users are free to play with their new smartphone, downloading and using apps, surfing the web, sending emails and even connecting other devices to the internet (tethering).

The first new device to launch on Data Test Drive is the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S. The service will be available on all future smartphones and can also be used by enterprise customers on consumer price plans…

I like the idea and can only hope other mobile operators around the world will like it, too. You can get additional information about Vodafone’s Data Test Drive from this page.

[Via: EuroDroid]

  • Vodafone isnt the best company out there, but they are pretty innovative when they put their minds to it. 
    Data Test Drive is a great feature, 3 months of FREE DATA is a steal. Similar to what Sprint used to offer if you signed a 1-Year Agreement (you had the choice between 500 Mobile to Mobile Minutes, Unlimited Access to Wireless Web, or Free Long Distance, Any and all could be added for $5.00 each after)
    Voda also came up with “Stop The Clock” where subscribers talked for 60 minutes, but paid only for the first 3 minutes. Allowing calls to continue without charge for the other 57. Great plan. Id rather pay for 3 minutes and get the rest of the hour to talk than get First Incoming Minute Free.

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