Apple stock drops 5% after the iPhone 4S announcement

Apple stock drops 5% after the iPhone 4S announcement

Investors obviously expected much more from Apple with the company’s stock falling as much as 5% after the iPhone 4S announcement. To be fair there are some neat services that were also announced, some of which pretty much open new businesses for the Cupertino-based company. However, few words we wanted to hear never came out of Tim Cook’s mouth — you know words like LTE and NFC.

Then again, the market was also down (about 1.5%) during the announcement, so I guess the 5% drop isn’t a complete picture. What’s more, the market reacted similarly when Steve Jobs announced the iPad (Apple’s stock fell 2.5%), only to rebound after the lower-than-expected price of the new tablet was unveiled.

So what do we get from this? Errr… not that much. The market always has wild expectations, especially from companies like Apple. Plus these days the Euro crisis is pulling down the world economy so… I know I wanted a bigger screen… and I can’t emphasize that enough. 😉

[Via: mashable]

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