Samsung Galaxy Note kicks ass in benchmarks

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy Note was unveiled, the industry has struggled to properly categorize the device. “Is it a tablet or is it a phone?” is the question on the minds of everyone who sees this 5.3-inch Android device.

Whatever the Note is, it’s got an impressive 1.4GHz dual-core CPU joined together with a Mali-400MP GPU. Now one thing we do know is Samsung’s Exynos chip is a powerhouse; not too long ago we wrote how the Samsung Galaxy S II was the most powerful device out there, second only to the iPad 2.

That said, a slew of benchmark tests on the Galaxy Note showed how much of a kick-ass device it is. In a test tailored to the CPU, both BenchmarkPi and Linpack clocked speeds nearly 20% higher than the Galaxy S II — yikes.

Lastly, tests were ran on NenaMark 2 and SunSpider. On NenaMark 2, the Galaxy S II was way ahead of the bunch, but the Note came in second, but to be fair, the Galaxy Note has about 2.6 x the number of pixels than the S II. SunSpider, a system which JavaScript benchmark showed impressive results as well. After seeing all of that, it’s too bad that a U.S. launch is unlikely.

[via GSMArena]

  • Anonymous

    Poor HTC Sensation.

  • Anonymous

    “it’s too bad that a U.S. launch is unlikely.”

    That’s simply not true; some bloggers just read way too much into that Samsung rep’s statment. The Note has already passed through the FCC with support for AT&T bands:

  • i love the galaxy noter but when is coming out to us

  • Rffpeo

    Yes, this seems even more likely now. The HD LTE version of the SII passed through FCC and people thought it was only the Rogers version for Canada. And then, it suddenly shows up on ATT this week as the Samsung Skyrocket. Coincidence? I THINK NOT

    • Dan John

      Except the Skyrocket is not the HD LTE version.  It’s essentially the T-Mobile version with LTE.  The screen res is still 800×480.

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