79 percent of people use their smartphones to help shop

In the latest infographic created by [x]cube Labs, shows 79 percent of people out there use their smartphones to help them shop. The survey tracks some new interesting habits in shopping regimens illustrated by today’s consumer using data pulled from “various research reports”.

Of that 79 percent, 70 percent of the consumers use the smartphone while in a store, 54 percent use it to find a retailer, 49 percent use it to compare prices, 48 percent use it to get coupons and vouchers, 44 percent use it to find product reviews, and last but not least, 74 percent make a purchase based on a smartphone search.

These are some pretty compelling numbers, which suggest that people are using their phones to make life a lot more simple when it comes to spending money. This has to be great news for a company like Google, especially since the search giant is putting so much stock into the future of how people purchase items (hence Google Wallet). For the time being, the report should quite those who remain pesimistic of how NFC (near-field communication) will ultimately be received.

I for one agree with this research. Two weeks ago I used Google Shopper to search for a Roku box, which led me to a local Best Buy location. Once I found my Roku Box, I checked out with Google Wallet on my Nexus S 4G. Yep, this is where the future of shopping is headed folks.


  • Another reason why businesses should start moving to a mobile first marketing strategy.  Many businesses do not even have the benefit of a mobile optimized site and are therefore missing-out to a great opportunity in sales.

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