Leak: HTC Rezound images surface, you may want to grab a barf bag before looking

HTC is set to introduce a new super-phone next month called the Rezound. From the leaked information that’s been floating around the internet, this bad boy is supposed to ship with a 4.3 inch screen that pushes 1280 x 720 pixels, it’ll have a dual core 1.5 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera, and support for Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Earlier this month we reported that the Rezound is set to go on sale on November 10th for $300 with a 2 year contract, so it’s basically going to be HTC’s version of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus, except that it’s got a better screen (greater pixel density), better camera (8 megapixel versus 5 megapixel, and … that’s where the pros stop. Let’s dive into the cons.

First, the Rezound will be running Gingerbread, not Ice Cream Sandwich, meaning you’re already going to be a full generation behind in terms of Android releases. Second, it’s going to have HTC Sense, which we hate more than the travesties that have been caused by malaria, but we’re cognizant of the fact that several of you actually like it. Third, have a look at the renders above and below and tell us this design doesn’t want to make you hit yourself over the head with a half empty bottle of wine?

There have been several instances where a device will look better in real life than it does in press images or renders, but we’re not exactly hopeful of this being one of those cases. Having said that, there really are only 2 Android smartphones you should be considered this holiday shopping season. It’s either the new Motorola RAZR or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Everything else just pales in comparison at this point. If you want to go off the beaten path, and you hate the iPhone, then you should also consider picking up something running Windows.

  • Harold Goldner

    Your review demonstrates why there are multiple flavors of ice cream.  I happen to like Sense a whole lot better than other Android releases; I expect HTC to update this to ICS as a matter of course; and, frankly, a little color among all these black slabs is sorta nice.  I find the Motorola phones generally blah, and the lack of removable storage in the Samsung Nexus Prime a deal killer.

    You might want to take something for that tummy ache.

    • It’s not a review. We don’t have the device. It hasn’t even been formally announced.

      • Anonymous

        Mate are you retarded? Those are cases and not the actual phone, which looks almost identical to the sensation without them. And to be honest, I was so disappointed by the Galaxy Nexus.. I really hope HTC releases this phone which packs better camera,better screen, better processor and better graphics card (adreno 220 which is better than the mali400 of galaxy s2 and for sure much better than the SGX540 of the nexus)

      • Cellularcrazy09

        Wow Stefan!  You called down the HTC fandroids and they are angry!  LOL!  People that call other people retarded and ignorant simply because they have a different opinion than you!  I happen to agree with you.  Sense is not as awesome as everyone makes it out to be.  I prefer a stock android over anything else.  I don’t need anything mucking up and making my device mess up.  And watch just for something that, I will have some fool try to tell me I’m wrong just because of my preference, just like they are doing to you.

  • Fuzzypumpkins

    you do realize they are cases, right stefan?

    Look at the other leaked images online and make another opinion.


  • Ando

    What part of the design don’t you like?  It mostly looks like any other smart phone – black with a glass screen.  Are you talking about the colored backs?  In that case, maybe you should do a better job of research before you spout off about something.  A simple Google search would tell you that those “renders” you’re displaying are the phone and some optional hardshell CASES.  Not the actual phone itself.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still using an Original Droid Incredible that HTC promised us an OTA Gingerbread update for over 4 months ago, but they can’t seem to pull it off.  Why would I think they will have any better luck updating a Gingerbread phone to ICS?  Seems to me like whichever Android flavor your HTC phone comes with will be all you’ll ever get.  No more HTC phones for me! 🙁 Galaxy Nexus will be my next purchase! 😉

    • enganear

      I have the original Incredible pre-ordered and picked up on the release date.  I got the OTA update to Gingerbread about a month ago.  It was troublesome and I had to do a lot of work to get it back to useable, probably why they backed off.

      • Cvcns

        I also got the original incredible on release date and the update to Gingerbread a month or so ago.  But I had no issues at all with the upgrade.  I have my phone loaded with apps too.

    • Anonymous

      Also have an HTC Incredible since original release and my recent Gingerbread update has been not only fine, but a much improved OS, IMO.  Phone is faster and more stable with about 80 apps.  Definitely agree with most comments here that the Rezound looks like a better buy than RAZR or Nexus (or Bionic).  HTC hardware always rock-solid – body and internals.  Will be replacing the Incredible with the Rezound (or “Rezound2” in a few months).

  • I’m leaning more towards the rezound the more I learn about
    the 3 to be released. The nexus has no sd card slot and is using a GPU from
    2007 and is using a Pentile screen. The razr has an internal battery that can’t
    be pulled. The resound has the best spec’s out of the 3

  • Ytram

    What’s wrong with the design?  If you don’t like the colorful cases, you’ve got the option of the black case, or no case at all.  Other than that, it’s a pretty typical looking smartphone.

    As for Sense, I agree, I don’t want any bloatware on my phone, and luckily HTC’s are commonly rooted and the bootloader unlocked within a few days of release, so as soon as that happens and an AOSP version of ICS is available, you’re still set.

  • Jkoe57

    Disagree. A barf bag for what? I really like these cases designs and just as much the ACTUAL design (lol). And the Droid razor is coming out with gingerbread too so why would you take a 1.2ghz dual core over a 1.5ghz? Plus HTC build quality is amazing and inevitably this will get the ICS update. Just like my inspire got the 2.3 update a few months ago. And btw I really love sense and was surprised at your lack of respect for HTC when almost all other tech reviewers love HTC? Sighs…

  • Jkoe57

    Disagree. A barf bag for what? I really like these cases designs and just as much the ACTUAL design (lol). And the Droid razor is coming out with gingerbread too so why would you take a 1.2ghz dual core over a 1.5ghz? Plus HTC build quality is amazing and inevitably this will get the ICS update. Just like my inspire got the 2.3 update a few months ago. And btw I really love sense and was surprised at your lack of respect for HTC when almost all other tech reviewers love HTC? Sighs…

  • Anonymous

    Uh, that’s actually a nice phone design. For 1999.

  • Iamfat

    WOW looks nice!

  • Troy

    Wow… How much were you paid to slam on HTC???  I like the HTC design better than the curved Nexus.  Plus, I like the Sense HTC offers and HTC’s build quality is much better.  Aluminum will always be stronger than plastic.  Plus, have you ever stopped to think that the reason they held off on the Oct. 4th release date was so they can offer it off the line with 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich like the Nexus??  Even if it’s not, is it worth buying a crappier phone just so you can say you were the first to have ICS???  HTC will have it on the Rezound soon enough even if it’s not at release.  Also if you ask me 4.3″ screens are about the largest comforatble phone and that’s pushing it.  The Nexus is 4.63″.  May as well carry a tablet with you and hold that up to your face. lol  Since looks and Sense is a personal preference, you should stick to the actual stats.  The ONLY thing the Nexus has to offer is it may be the only phone with ICS.  In a couple months when the Rezound has it (if not sooner or at release), it will be a superior phone.  Either way they are both pretty bad A$$ phones.

    • Troy again

      I think the Beats Audio is going to be a big selling point for the Rezound too.  I think if you are going to compare, you should not just mention the things that are better on the phone you like.  That is what bugs me about iPhone comparisons.  They have their mind made up before they even start the comments.  You should mention how the Rezound will have a quicker processor than both the Razr and Nexus, HD resolution, and Beats Audio.  Those are some things that come to mind.  So if you are so hell bent on having ICS right away,,,, get the Nexus.  To each their own…. Just be fair when comparing them.

      • Andrew Akker

        Ehm…the dual-core Snapdragons aren’t really that great. I agree that it has the resolution and whatnot, but the 4430 definitely outperforms the MSM8260 in the Rezound.

    • Anonymous

      First, let’s be honest. ICS is to much of a dramatic change for HTC to keep up with so quickly. For comparison, look at gingerbread. It was barely any different from froyo, and while HTC did upgrade their devices, look how long it took. 
      Second, ICS will always run better on devices built for it. Full ICS in my opinion, with all of the onscreen goodness. And that translates to faster multitasking (only the time it takes while holding down home, but noticeable) as well as different interactive menus
      Finally, Nexus means it’ll have the first of all updates. So not just ICS and all it’s iterations, but Jellybean etc. Oh, and onscreen buttons means 4.63” is roughly a regular 4.3” phone.

  • MP10

    Troy I couldn’t agree more. Who hired this idiot. HTC has one of the biggest fan bases for a reason. It’s not because the Sense sucks I assure you. You recommend a Motorola after the pixolated Bionic disaster. Maybe when you get done throwing up and get over that hangover you’ll think straighter.

  • Johnjohn

    you’re a moron.  bashing a phone because of the CASES that are made for it?  how much of a dumbass are you?  HTC sense a travesty?  wow.  no wonder i’ve never heard of this website; you act like a little 12 year old who can barely put his thoughts into words.  

  • Istari

    Don’t we all put our phones in a case? If you don’t like the case don’t buy it! This phone has a great spec’, only battery life and no ICS could put off buyers. I actually prefer HTC sense out of the andriod skins, I would prefer pure ICS if only for not having to wait for updates. Thank god for rooting eh?

  • Rob Clancy

    Why on earth would you leave half a bottle of wine?  I think it sufficient to use an empty bottle!

  • bikerbill

    i think it is a better looking device than the gnex . i dont like the purple case with the red but it has good lines and shape and is a beast and im one of the ones who like sense and having 7 home screens 

  • bikerbill

    there is also a 2780 extended battery and cover for it and it has extendable memory and their giving a extra 5mb with dropbox 

  • Luka Boškovi?

    Looks like an ugly-fied Sensation.

  • Anonymous

    Sense is best, Gingerbread will be spades better than whatever OS my archaic buggy Eris has got, so I care little about waiting for or never getting Cream Sandwich (though to be fair I’m not really aware of what either entails,) and from what I can tell the face of the phone is sleeker and better looking than most or all Motorola droids. My only issue with it is the prominent, ridgy back case I’ve seen in some alleged images, and I can deal with that so long as it gets me better battery life and I can hide it behind a decent case.

  • Hitman_8100

    God, whoever wrote this review is a closed minded retard, who doesn’t realize that ics wont be on any device for the next few months, is unaware that sense is on of the most popular android skins on the market, and can’t plainly see that this “render of the phone” is actually a case render. Until you actually start to think about what you’re saying before you totally bash a great phone, just shut up with your poorly thought out opinion.

    • Codymiller125

      ics will be on the nexus

  • joker

    Hey Stefan, have you seen the Moto Razr?  It’s like a lemon party – this thing is beautiful compared to that ugly P.O.S.

  • Teamlucas4123

    You haven’t even seen this phone in person and you say it’s ugly. It’s a damn cell phone….what’s it supposed to look like you moron? Why don’t you go stuff your head in that toilet and drown douchebag!

  • Canuhelpme247

    You realize these are pictures of the phone with a case on it…

  • John Jones

    Honestly, I’ve never understood where Android ends and Sense begins. As soon as it’s available, I’m gonna throw Cyanogenmod on it anyway!

  • Joe

    LOL at this review, just LOL, maybe a Journalism course or two?

  • ou812

    Saw a picture of the Galaxy Nexus in a cardboard box.  You should have seen it, it was hideous.  Made me wanna gouge my eyes out.

  • NoiPhone4me

    You’re an idiot. This phone is damn sexy with the red navigation buttons. The red case makes it. Why don’t you throw one in your toilet and bob for it – pretend it’s an Apple!!!  🙂

  • mattbeech30

    Would it look better if it said Nokia? Personally, I like the case, and the phone will look similar to (exactly like?) the Sensation XE, which, personally is a fine looking phone.

    Can’t say much about the Nexus phones in general, never seen one and I don’t know anyone that has one.

  • Josh Thompson

    haha…. way to screw up a review about the design of the phone when the so-called renders of the phone are actually renders of CASES for the phone! Learn to read about the pictures first before you take them from REAL review sites!

  • DavidNJ

    First, number of pixels doesn’t determine photo image quality. There is a trend in high end cameras for fewer pixels, that makes each photocell larger producing a more accurate signal in low light and in the shadow areas of an image. The alternative is to do interpretation for noise reduction, which is harder to do realtime with the low power cpus in compact cameras and smartphones.

    Second, the difference between the 4.3″ and 4.65″ in pixel density is not significant. Few if any have complained that the 800×480 Galaxy SII screen is worse than the 960×540 HTC Sensation, although both are 4.3″. The iPhone 4 was 960×640 on a 3.4″ screen.

    Third, the black back looks fine…younger users may like the colors.

    Fourth, the big differences may be in processor, keyboard, and front camera. The Nexus Prime is running at 1.2GHz, the HTC is reported to run at 1.5GHz. Samsung licenses the Swype keyboard, which IMHO has no equivalent. HTC uses their HTC Trace, if included…nowhere near as good and only marginally usable. When you are recording yourself, it is much easier to use the front camera where you can see yourself. 1080p, which both cameras record, is 2Mp. The HTC is reported to have a 2Mp front camera. The Galaxy SII did but the Prime is 1.3MP, which is 720p, the screen resolution but not the recording resolution. 

    Fifth, for photography the quality of the lenses is important. Samsung generally has been good here…only actually testing will tell. Note that Samsung is also a major camera manufacturer while HTC isn’t.

  • Mackerman

    Pretty terrible uninformed review, which is to say that I agree with the majority of those commenting 🙂 … So let’s toss Stephan’s comments to the side, as the contribute zero to any logical discussion about this phone… I think Verizon is offering up some really outstanding choices in November, and all should not be overshadowed by Samsung’s Nexus just because of ICS and future updates. Both HTC and Moto have a great track record of updating their phones (ironically, Samsung does not, except for the Nexus line). And ICS is going to be wonky at first on a phone that’s already lost in spec comparisons. My biggest concern though is that ICS may not work with several of the apps that I use daily. It might take a while for app Devs to catch up, making the new nexus unusable at the outset. And what’s weird is that I don’t hear any reviewers talking about this. It’s a move to 4.0 and not an iterative step… All that said, I like the design of the Rezound from the photos I’ve seen with or without cases, and the specs sound right on. It stacks up well against Samsung’s cheap plastic designs. And I also like HTC Sense. I think gives a more polished look to Google’s clunky android interface. So, my position is to not write off this phone simply because it will get ICS first… Whenever that is. And also to Stephan, please learn how to do research before wasting everyone’s time on silly misinformed articles.

    • DavidNJ

      The compatibility is definitely a potential issue, especially for applications with camera and possibly screen integration. Samsung’s decision to run the cpus at 1.2GHz instead of their rated 1.5GHz also raises questions. Undoubtedly, both the Razr and Revigor will have ICS soon.

      However, pixels count is not how you judge a camera; the decision whose best will have to wait until real tests. Last spring, the HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy SII had the came CPU speed, yet faster graphics processing let the Samsung win a in walk. The cpu win isn’t clear.

      The screen is, and the Samsung has the largest size while not being too big to hold and the HTC and Samsung have 77% more pixels than the Razr.  Samsung and Motorola license the Swype keyboard, HTC does not. The HTC looks like it will have wireless charging.

      All will be good, only tests will tell if Samsung looses an apparent lead because of camera and processor issues. No one phone has all the best features, so different people can legitimately have different preferences./ 

    • Keithogden70

      You are crazy….HTC has yet to update the incredible…and since the 2.2 upgrade there has NOT been one security fix/patch!  Where do you see HTC is updating any phone?  Try contacting them and you see you get people who dont understand their own products to even give you  a decent answer.  They have the worst programmers!  3 times they have tried to patch the original Incredible.

  • adam darst

    Wow you’re seriously too dumb to realize thats a case……sad.

  • Funkiporcini

    I don’t know many Finnish people but I’m chalk this up to the Finnish being totally bitter about HTC’s success, either this guy is a FUcking moron, which could be the case or this fucktard is just being completely biased, or both…. NOKIA = Piece of Dog shit

  • I’ll be at the HTC event up in NY on Thursday and I pray to God those renders are WAY off!

    Since it wont ship with ICS, it better look downright sexy to compensate.

    • DavidNJ

      It won’t ship with ICS, but ICS should be available within a few months. A bigger issue is it doesn’t have Swype, something that won’t be retrofitted.

      The first release of ICS will undoubtedly be buggy, with dealing with the bugs plus needing to load updates frequently be the result.

      Questions are how the cameras compare, how the speeds compare, how the screens compare, is the wireless charging useful, does the Prime have Gorilla Glass?

  • wow! amazed that you dont realize that those are cases. i have held a rezound in my hands and no i am not telling any more. its similar to the sensation with some differences, and definitely not hideous. i am surprised that the reviewer still has a job at intomobile. his “journalistic” pieces are literally always panned. maybe his job is to be a joker so that the site attracts more comments and more views? just a cynical way to explain the really weird things this person writes.

  • Keithogden70

    Do not buy HTC, they will not update their products.  The original incredible has yet to receive the update and the few who did had to be issued a different phone.  I encourage everyone to boycott anything HTC!  Everyone please let HTC and Verizon know we are done with them!

    • dose it really matter

      i just got ics on verizon on a htc phone so yeah they do

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