Video: Breaking into an iPad 2 with nothing more than an Apple Smart Cover [Security Flaw]

Earlier this week our very own Marin Perez demonstrated, on video, how easy it is to access Siri on the iPhone 4S despite the device being locked. It’s a very easy problem to fix, just change a setting, but by default your iPhone 4S is open to anyone who has enough malice in their system and motivation to screw you over. Now we’ve got another “security flaw” appearing, this time with the Apple iPad 2. Turns out that you can easily get access to the last application opened by simply using an official Apple Smart Cover. Similar to the Siri security oversight, you can prevent your iPad 2 from being compromised by changing a setting, but again, by default Apple’s left you out in the open and vulnerable to those who want to mess with you. Check out the video below to see just how easy it is to get into the iPad:

This makes us wonder, now that iOS 5 is out, are incremental updates something we’re going to start seeing relativity soon? Instead of Apple having to push out a 700+ MB file out to everyone whenever iOS gets a small update, they can now issue patches, just like Microsoft does with Windows, to fix any issues that may crop up and gather too much attention from the media. It’ll take a few months for everyone with an iOS device to get the latest version of the operating system, but just 3 days after Apple launched the iPhone 4S and announced that 4 million have been sold, they also said that 25 million people went ahead and upgraded their Jesus Phones to iOS 5.

What do you think, is this really a “flaw”, or are users supposed to be aware of every little security setting? Android’s a whole other world of pain, you get security prompts whenever installing a new app, but that’s a topic that deserves an epic rant/editorial.

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t a security flaw, it’s user error. If I put the keys in the lock to my house and don’t turn them before taking them out I deserve to be robbed.

  • John Connor

    I work in IT security and had not upgraded my iPad yet. It does not work on iOS 4.3, but is definately a problem in iOS 5.0 (I just upgraded and tried). This is a HUGE security flaw for anyone using iPads in a corporate setting. I am sure Apple will fix this and revert back having it not unlock a locked iPad just by flipping the cover. But until then this makes Apple look pretty bad…

  • Gergesh

    But it’s still don’t let you open and use apps of your iPad
    But still you can delete apps from the iPad

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