ICS phones – the list

ICS phones

After Google launched the Nexus Galaxy and the new version of Android, all of us started wondering which phones will get the Ice Cream Sandwich Update. During the last week or so, some handset makers reacted, helping us compile the list of devices that will get the latest version of Android. This is by no means final and official list, since we don’t have anything confirmed at this stage. Here’s what we got:

Sony/Sony Ericsson

The Swedish-Japanese handset makers said all of its smartphones announced this year will get Android 4.0, hinting us even the devices with a single-core 1GHz processor can handle the Ice Cream Sandwich. However, if I had to pick phones that are “capable enough” to handle the new version of Android, my choice would stop at Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S, which is the only phone one with a 1.4GHz processor. On the other hand, it’s safe to assume both Sony tablets, Tablet S and Tablet P, will also find their way on the update list.


The Taiwanese company said it has to “determine upgrade plans,” like which of their phones and tablets will get the update and which won’t. I’m pretty confident their devices with a dual-core processor will all get the taste of the Ice Cream Sandwich – this means Sensation, Sensation XE and Jetstream tablet. We can’t tell whether other HTC devices with a single core processor will get the same treatment, though.


Samsung Italy recently confirmed its dual-core smartphones and tablets will be eligible for update. Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note and newer tablets are all included and again we wonder whether some of the older and “not that powerful” phones will also get their spot on the list. Since the Nexus S is on the list, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the original Galaxy S and its variations joining the ride, too.


Droid RAZR will definitely get Android ICS, but that will also be the case for some other Moto phones like DROID BIONIC, XOOM tablet, Atrix 2, PHOTON 4G and so on. Again, dual-core processor seems to determine whether some device will get an update or not.


Unfortunately LG decided not to release ICS update for the world’s first dual-core smartphone – Optimus 2X. I would assume the Optimus LTE and Optimus 3D will get it, though that’s far from confirmed at the moment.


It’s kinda given that pretty much all Honeycomb tablets will get the Android Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade as well as some specific products like the Asus Padfone (which is a smartphone that morphs into tablet)…

And that wraps up my list. I selected only the major companies but I’m sure some smaller players like Huawei and ZTE may also try to bring ICS to their products where that makes sense. Now I want to hear your thoughts. Have I missed some product? If so which one would that be?

  • “Unfortunately LG decided not to release ICS update for the world’s first dual-core smartphone – Optimus 2X.”


    • Yeah I don’t get that too…

    • Quintus Murray

      LG is the definition of PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Shniggies

        this is incorrect, they are planning to update the 990, and hopefully the 999 as well

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