Yahoo unleashes IntoNow for iPad and Weather app for Android

Yahoo announced a couple of mobile products today and along with the Livestand iPad app, the company released a revamped version of IntoNow (version 2.0) for the iPad and Yahoo Weather for Android.

The IntoNow app for iPad brings some pretty awesome visuals and functionality. The app integrates social networking technology while users watch their favorite shows, which according to Yahoo makes TV watching even more engaging, social, and fun. Users can access all of this features with one-touch. The way IntoNow works is it quickly identifies what a person is watching through its SoundPrint technology.

When consumers are watching live or recorded shows, the app offers the following:

  • related content and tweets
  • personalized TV recommendations
  • seamless discussions around your shows with friends via Facebook

Check out this video of the new IntoNow in action:

Lastly, the Yahoo Weather for Android app, a concept started at an internal “Yahoo Hack Day,” a few months ago was released. The idea behind this app is to give users a way to “see” the weather outside without taking their eyes off their phone. The way this is made possible is by using Flickr to bring weather to life with corresponding photos that match location, time of day and current weather conditions.

All in all, I’d have to say that Yahoo showed off some pretty visually appealing mobile products today. The company showed how its continuing to innovate despite the growing rumors of being taken over soon.

[via Yahoo]

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