Video: 10 minute HTC Rezound hands-on and how it compares to the Thunderbolt

It’s pretty much a given that Verizon Wireless will announce the HTC Rezound tomorrow, a device we’ve been tracking for far too long. What makes it special is that it’s supposed to come with a 4.3 inch 720p resolution screen, dual core 1.5 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, 4G LTE access, and a pair of Beats headphones. The design isn’t something we particularly like, but at the same time we know that some of you (likely the visually disabled) actually appreciate HTC’s work. Now for the wary internet surfers amongst us who have 10 minutes to kill, and can stand to listen to someone mumbling incoherent techno jargon into a microphone, then you’ll enjoy the video below demoing both the Rezound and the Thunderbolt. We don’t really learn a lot from the video, but at least we get to see this thing before Verizon makes it official.

Now the obvious question is should you buy this thing? There’s no sugar coating this: No, you should stay far, far away. Verizon will soon launch the Droid RAZR, which not only looks absolutely gorgeous, but it’s also sporting a less toned down version of MotoBLUR that’s infinitely better than the travesty known as HTC Sense. And hey, if you don’t like the RAZR, then don’t forget that Verizon will also soon be offering the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. When that device starts shipping later this month it’s going to be the most advanced smartphone on the market running the latest version of Android, dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich. Best of all, the Nexus will be first in line to get software updates, it’ll run buttery smooth since there isn’t a stupid custom manufacturer skin on top of the OS, and … those two reasons should be enough.

What do you think, should Verizon just not even bother launching this thing? Is it a waste of their time, money, and effort?

  • Anonymous

    Lotta hate there, but missing some points:

    Rezound has a Micro SD slot.  That’s a pretty big plus.

    Rezound is  World phone.  HUGE issue for Verizon users who travel.

    Rezound has better resolution than the RAZR (same as prime, except the prime sacrifices pixels for the virtual buttons)

    Speaking of buttons, I assume ICS will still support them to some extent, so if you like to use them, it’s worth waiting a few weeks past the Nexus Prime launch for ICS to reach the Rezound, so you can have those too  (unconfirmed, speculation as to what they’ll do)

    There are other things to consider too, such as the phones’ guts (I believe the Adreno 220 will out-perform the SGX540, though it’s a hot topic issue) and whether you like the skin (some people actually do, though I agree they’re bad).

    Overall, the World phone aspect alone does it for me.  It’s definitely smart for Verizon to keep one superphone for people who like to be on the move.  This one is a great option, and I think it easily destroys the RAZR, and stands pretty strong against the Nexus Prime.

    • Those are my videos, so I would like to first of all thank Stefan for bashing my voice, as if I wasn’t already conscience about it.

      Secondly, m4gast0n says it probably better than I can, but there is a lot of hate going on.  The Rezound is going to be HTC’s “flagship” device, it’s a combination of the Thunderbolt and the Incredible 2 on TONS of HGH and Steroids. 

      The Camera is absolutely stunning, and Beats Audio really makes listening to music on it like no other.  The phone comes with almost 32GB of storage, and if you upgrade the SD card to 32GB, that puts you at nearly 48GB!!

      As far as ICS goes, you can guarantee that even if HTC doesn’t relase it shortly, a ROM developer will port over a version for use on a Rooted Rezound.

      I can’t say this enough:  Motoblur (at any amount) is by far THE ABSOLUTE WORST UI AVAILABLE ON ANDROID DEVICES!  At least with Samsung phones, you get performance upgrades in their UI.  Sense 3.0/3.5 is AMAZING:  Fast, smooth, and plenty of features. 

      • Olivia de la Cruz

        I think you did fine, although i think you couldve expressed a little more charisma in your vid. Stefan here is just a HATER of all things HTC

  • Joe

    MOTOBlur is by far the worst UI. They can’t even design a useful and intuitive dialer. This guy’s reviews are a joke. Is he an Apple or Motorola fanboi? I don’t get it.

  • Christopher Unger

    You aren’t a very good writer and don’t know very much about phones.

  • Bob

    What a fuckin idiot this guy is

  • Olivia de la Cruz

    Stefan is a goddamned disgrace for a technology enthusiast… he is a waste of space…  are Finnish people just utterly ignorant or is it just this damned bastard.  BTW Finnish ppl make terrible phones… a la NOKIA —->>> completely irrelevant to the world

  • Anonymous

    WTF the vid doesnt work 😡

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