Samsung’s patent claims against Apple in Europe to be investigated

The patent war between Samsung and Apple intensifies with investigation under way over in Europe. The South Korean-based manufacturer has been trying to impede the selling of all Apple devices in Europe including the recently-launched  iPhone 4s. This is all for naught, because the 3G patent complaints have flagged an antitrust investigation by Europe’s top competition watchdog.

The industry standards of 3G has a lot to do with FRAND (fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory), which are licensing commitments that must not be used as strategic weapons. Basically, no company can sue another company over a technology that’s vital to each and every company on the planet. Case in point, 3G is non-exclusive. So in an attempt to screw with Apple, Samsung has potentially made things worse for themselves and others.

FOSS Patents’ article also highlights the trouble Samsung has made for itself, saying:

“Samsung will now have to tread very carefully. If it continues to aggressively pursue its cases against Apple based on 3G patents, it will only make things worse in the EU antitrust case. Like I said, fines can be high. The European Commission would also have the power to force Samsung to license its patents to Apple on certain terms, which would render any injunctions useless.”

This whole thing reeks, and Samsung trying to get back at Apple comes off as really desperate. I wish all of these companies could just stop suing each other and focus on what really matters: innovation and winning the hearts of customers.

[via FOSS Patents, pic]

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