Huawei in talks with Microsoft over Android patents, prepare to pay more for that budget smartphone

Microsoft’s got handset makers who make Android devices by the balls. Right now Samsung, HTC, Acer, and 7 others are paying the office software giant upwards of $5 for every phone or tablet they sell that utilizes Google’s code. To understand how big that is, consider this: Samsung and HTC, just those two companies, were responsible for over 50% of the Android phones sold in Q2 of this year in the United States. According to the BBC Microsoft is in talks with yet another company, one that doesn’t have such a well established brand in the west, but in many other countries is known for making quality low and midrange Android devices: Huawei. Victor Xu, Chief Marketing Officer for the Chinese mobile phone maker, said the discussions with Microsoft are “in progress” and that “over the next three years we are aiming to be in the top five smartphone makers, and in the top three in the next five years”.

Now to be absolutely frank, this is just getting out of hand. Either Google has to issue a statement saying that Android partners should not take Microsoft’s crap or they should finally announce that they’re suing Microsoft for harassing companies once the Motorola deal goes through and they’ve amassed roughly 17,000 patents. You may or may not believe in the usefulness of the patent system as it currently operates, but we feel that money that’s being thrown at lawyers and lobbyists is better spent on engineers and designers who push technological progress forward. Back in September the analysts at Goldman Saches estimated that Microsoft is on track to make the patent fees they’re collecting from Android device makers a business that’s worth over $400 million per year. Assuming a hotshot engineer makes $100,000 per year, that’s potentially 4,000 of the best and brightest minds going unpaid.

Instead it’s going to ad agencies peddling Windows Phone.

  • krautdog

    Good God Mr. C you’re so transparent it’s comical. You love Apple therefore you hate Microsoft…we get it already. It’s business…if Apple pulled this off you’d be singing their praises as brilliant businessmen(people) in addition to all their brilliance at blahblahblah. Yeah, the billions the Gates’/Microsoft donate to charities must be a misprint, it really all goes into advertising.

    • Suli6969

      I agree 100%,If apple doest it its great,if Microsoft does,its evil lol it is comical.

      • Apple suing people over patents is just as stupid, have you two even read my previous articles? I’m against patent litigation, period. Doesn’t matter who does it.

        And by the way, I’m typing this comment on my Lenovo ThinkPad!

        • Anonymous

          Maybe you are stupid yourself. Anybody can reverse engineer any idea, duplicate it and call it its own. That’s why patent is important, because billions are spent on R&D, and if somebody just break into the door and copy it or evolve it is a big loss to the one who invented it.

          • krautdog

            Well good, if all this “reverse engineering” did cause apple to go under it would help a lot of imbeciles and sheep to hang onto some of their money.

        • krautdog

          OK Stefan, I guess I was quick to judge…apologies.

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