What’s on your home screen?

From time to time, I like to spotlight apps that I’m digging lately but the truth is, I’ll generally stop using them after a week or so unless it has something really valuable to offer. I do have a core set of apps that I use every single day and these are the ones that are on my main home screen.

My app tray is all about communication and the web, as Google Voice has replaced the native dialer for me because that’s how people reach me, even if the iOS experience is miles behind the Android one. E-mail is also very important me and deserves a spot in the tray and you can call me a mainstreamer all you want but I love me some Facebook, so that app also belongs there. The Safari browser is still one of the best in the business, so I need access to it as quickly as possible.

As for apps, you should know that I’m not a huge fans of folders on my main home screen, as that extra few seconds of having to dive through the top layer to the app I want isn’t worth it for me. Except for the folder labeled “Travel” (actually full of work-specific apps), my home screen is all about one-touch access to the content and services I want.

It’s probably a bit of overkill but I have three photography apps on my home page: the standard camera app, Camera+ and Instagram. I’m not some super shutterbug by any means but I take a ton of mobile phone shots and each offers enough unique features to warrant me being able to access these as spontaneous moments come up.

I didn’t really monkey that much with the top two rows, as calendar, Maps, Clock, Messages and the App Store are things that I use all the time and like its original placement. I barely keep any music on my iPhone anymore, as Spotify and Stitcher take care of my audio needs. Spotify is great if you’re looking for the latest, hottest jam from Kelly Clarkson and Stitcher is filled with thousands of interesting podcasts and radio programs. Between the two, you’ll never be bored at the gym again.

Yelp is still my go-to app for finding a bite to eat around me or seeing if a certain place is good and the Chase app comes in handy because I bank with Chase and can even take pictures of checks to deposit them. Lastly, I’m testing out the GoGoBot travel app but am not so sure that it will stick on my home page.

Well, that’s me, what’s on your home screen? For you Android fans out there, be sure to include some of your favorite widgets.

  • Anonymous

    My 5 homescreens are almost completely filled up on the center screen I keep the most important ones, like: skype, gtalk, fring for communication, assistant & voice action, the main rss feeders taptu, pulse and appy geek,

  • Francis Manalili

    No Soundhound or Shazam?

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