iOS 5.0.1 improved my iPhone 4S battery life, so I don’t know what you’re complaining about

When iOS 5 was released a few weeks ago, iPhone users quickly complained about the damage it did to battery life. iPhone 4S owners seemed to be the most vocal, so many believed that it had something to do with the new hardware. Never mind the fact that Apple explicitly mentioned that the iPhone 4S has shorter standby time than the iPhone 4, but it did seem like battery life was truly fickle. On most days, my battery life was OK, but on others it was just awful. Apple acknowledged the problem and promised a software update to fix it.

Apple released iOS 5.0.1 yesterday and users are still complaining about battery life. In fact, the promised fix seems to make it even worse! What gives?

Gizmodo had its readers chime in with their own iOS 5.0.1 experiences, and the responses would lead you to believe that the world is ending. One user said, “The battery dropped from 100% to 89% without ANY use on my 45 minute drive to work.” That is a pretty dramatic drop in battery life!

Why the sudden drop in performance immediately after the update? Probably some corruption somewhere. Historically, iOS updates have always had the potential to screw up battery performance. In the fall of 2008, I remember seeing my iPhone 3G battery life go from 100% to about 20% in just four hours. I quickly learned that the simple solution was to do a restore of the phone and to set it up as new. What this means is you should plug your phone into iTunes, hit restore, and do not restore from back up. Set it up as a new phone.

Sure, you’ll have to deal with logging into all of your apps again, rearranging your apps to taste and waiting for all your music to sync, but 90% of the time this fixes battery life. It has been the go-to fix for any battery drain issues after any iOS software update. I did it for myself and saw a dramatic increase in battery life.

Give it a shot yourself–what else are you going to do on a Friday night, go out and party?–and if it doesn’t work, try these battery saving tips. To take things one step further, go into Settings>Location Services>System Services and turn everything off. And if all else fails, I am truly sorry for you. Get yourself one of these.

  • Anonymous

    There are a lot of issueswith this latest update, even people that wasn’t had the problem, are experiencing the battery draining. I have an iPhone 4 and I was experiencing the issue since I updated to iOS 5.

    • Anonymous

      Read the article. I provided some tips on alleviating those problems.

      • Jon Garrett

        I alleviated all those problems by upgrading from my iPhone 4 to a Samsung Galaxy S II.

        Why would you tell people to restore as New? do you have any idea how much work that is? it takes me about 6-8hrs to do that.

        • Anonymous

          LMAO. 6 to 8 hours? Are you loading up 64GB worth of Justin Bieber or do you have 100,000 photos of your lunches to import?

          • Jon Garrett

            Im not talking about just syncing data. Im also talking about all the tweaks and customization and stuff.

            and yes, I do have a billion photos. and I would NEVER, EVER under any circumstance have anything to do with Justin Bieber, lol

          • Anonymous

            What’s six to eight hours of time to permanently fix battery life?

          • Jon Garrett

            Too much since my iphone 4 is now my backup phone having been replaced by the Galaxy S II.

            Id rather Apple invest their time and effort to fix this problem, dont they test their OS before release…..oh wait, no they dont (as I remember how my 3G became a paper weight after upgrading to iOS 4!!)

      • Tip 1: restore to new.

        Yeah, really great tip. Also turning everything off is a great permanent fix, except that it’s not. You are giving tips that are worthless because they do not fix the real issue but only dodge them. What a waste of time it must’ve been to write such a hollow article

        • Anonymous

          Um, yes. Actually those are great tips. First, restoring to new IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. You can get your phone back to the way it is now, you’ll just lose your text messages at worst. I’d rather have better battery life.

          Turning all those System Services does NOT affect the phone’s daily performance at all. Seriously? You think having location-based iAds is critical to your daily usage? You poor soul.

  • Sytrash

    Restore to new? That means sync all apps again…how about all the apps data, pix, video? Most people probably never did a restore to new…could you point us to some info?

    • Anonymous

      Back up your photos and videos. You’ll have to log into all your apps that require log-in, but app data such as in-app purchases can be restored because they are linked to your iTunes account.

  • Scott

    I purchased 2 new iPhone 4s’ the other day and both are being returned today for a full refund.  I thought I was UPGRADING from my beat up Backberry?  This is unacceptable.  Total crap.  Back to Verizon later and getting the new Blackberry’s.  It cant come soon enough.

    • Hate to break it to you, but OS 7 BlackBerry devices don’t have the greatest battery life…

  • Anonymous

    Here’s some proof that corruption in a back-up can get transferred into an existing or new device and cause serious battery problems:

  • Patato

    I never really understand the moaning.  The battery lasts longer than on an average laptop and my  i-phone outperforms my browser and many other apps on my hi-spec computer.  I don’t know what it is about Blackberries that people like, maybe they have some technology which appeases moaning bastards…

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