Texas Hold’em gets booted from the App Store

Apple today has removed  its own Texas Hold’em game  from the App Store. This title first debuted in 2006 for non-iOS iPod models and is an old favorite among Apple fans. Texas Hold’em was a big part of Apple’s App Store when it debuted in 2008, as the game was updated for iPhone OS and was significantly better than the traditional iPod version. This game was the company’s first attempt at mobile game development and was developed because Apple was concerned about its ability to attract third-party developers to the iPod and iOS platform.

Apple is the one company (besides Google) which thinks it can achieve just about anything on its own, and game development was no exception. Years ago, the Cupertino-based company didn’t foresee the relationships it has fostered with gaming developers such as EA and Gameloft. And lets face it, in 2006, most of us couldn’t see phones as a major player when it came to gaming, either. It was only natural for Apple to think the way it did and try to cover its back, just in case developers shunned the App Store in favor of game consoles.

The end of Texas Hold’em is interesting because we are so used to seeing Apple yank other companies’ apps, it’s weird to see the company turn the table and do the same to itself.

[via Mac Rumors]


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