Run Android apps on your Windows XP and Vista PC with updated BlueStacks

Run Android apps on your Windows XP and Vista PC with updated BlueStacks

BlueStacks, that handy piece of software that allows folks to run Android apps on their PCs, have been updated. The main new thing is support for Windows XP and Windows Vista which means more people can now play Android games on a big screen.

Now, as I said it in my previous post on the subject, I don’t necessarily see the point of doing this, but what do I know. I’m sure there are some apps you’ll want to run both on your smartphone/tablet and PC (in the original mobile form). I can’t think of one, but it’s a good thing to have such an option available.

BlueStacks is available as a free download and it also comes with the Cloud Connect mobile app that enables pushing of apps from your phone to BlueStacks installed on the PC. The Pro version is in development and will come with all the features of the free version plus unlimited premium apps like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and others.

  • Anonymous

    Mr.Fang is a great puzzle
    game.The desian originated from the Chinese ancient board game.

    Mr.Fang Free! Free! All Free!

  • Yea now Even I Can Play Angry Birds, and i don’t have to pay 50/month for the privileage, or even deal with no reception in my house. Even though i only live an HOUR DRIVE from Sacramento, California. AT&T, Sprint, TMobile, etc etc don’t have any bars anywhere near my house.

  • Rahulsh

    i cannot download bluestacks on my xp so what should i do?
    when the homage is displayed download option is not there!

  • Karan Mittal061994

    not able to find the beta version on website…
    The button saying DOWNLOAD NOW when downloaded does not run on XP…
    what to do?

  • The fucking application is not for Windows Vista. Get your fucking act together and stop wasting people’s time for Fuck’s sake?

    • Otis5339145 Parkdale

      You’ve got yourself one mouth and mind filled with feces. You should take stock as this type of thinking will only do damage to you.

      • Mohaska

        Guess what … Alkis is fucking right. It doesn’t fucking run on fucking Vista !!!

  • Michael McKinnon

    I wish to give you my sincerest thanks for allowing me to download the ‘BlueStacks’ program. Of late it has become increasingly harder for someone like myself who is not connected to the net at home due to strict budgetary constraints from illness. So I do my downloads from our librar. These days a site says click here for download but it is only a download of a connection to a on-line site. This is worthless for me and any others in my position, and I can think of many. It seems more and more companies are neglecting those with smaller incomes, yet they should never assume we don’t spend. In fact I know that folks with limited finances often overspend when there iis any excess money becomes available. So again thank you.  Michael    Brantord On. Canada

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