Indonesia BlackBerry Bold 9790 launch draws hundreds, causes injuries

Today, Indonesia was set to be the first country in the world to get the BlackBerry Bold 9790, and now we can see why. Over a thousand people lined up at a big BlackBerry store in south Jakarta, which is great and all, but the crowd got a little antsy since the Bold 9790 would be half-price (which is a lot for an off-contract device). At first, the store tried to set up a bracelet system to track who would be guaranteed a device, but that quickly disintegrated as the line grew. Up to 90 people may have suffered minor injuries as the excitement came to a head, with one woman being squeezed into unconsciousness, and others being wheeled off to the hospital with broken bones. Some 200 police officers maintained order as best they could, but that didn’t stop folks from breaking through barricades.

While it’s terrible to see people getting hurt over a little phone, it’s a bit of an eye-opener to understand just how much momentum BlackBerry still has internationally. Here in North America, RIM’s market share is circling the drain, but as you can see, not only is BlackBerry still selling well abroad, it’s generating palpable excitement. The Bold 9790 was built explicitly as an entry-level alternative to the Bold 9900, with slightly lower-end specifications, but overall providing the same experience. Check out our hands-on video over here.

My question is, will BlackBerry  ever be able to replicate this level of fervour anywhere else in the world?

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  • Cribstock

    Who cares what happens in the US…it’s not BlackBerry circling the drain, it’s the US. BlackBerry is still doing well in Canada, and it is opening up markets in Asian…where the real money is. Let Wallstreet try to punish BlackBerry for that!

  • Siampudan

    I’m Indonesia… and believe me, the crowd is NOT there because of the device itself… BUT because its HALF PRICE ! If they got it, they will sell it on the buy-sell forum thus making some “easy” quick cash. So RIM… please don’t make this as free advertising to show the world that BB is still desirable gadget or even had diehard fans like some igadget have.

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