Is the iPhone 4S worth breaking your contract for?

I believe the iPhone 4S is a very nice device, but is it worth breaking your existing contract and paying fees to get? Well, data from the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners suggest that up to 45 percent of broke their contract to get the latest Apple smartphone.

The report found that more than half (52 percent) paid between $100 and $200, 28 percent spent less than $100 and 20 percent spent more than $200 to get the device. If you’re a silly guy like me and bought an iPhone 4 a few months ago, you’d know that it would cost quite a pretty penny to get the new model and it looks like many are willing to pay that price.

I was very impressed with the iPhone 4S, as I felt the dual-core processor really sped things up and we’re just starting to see apps like Infinity Blade 2 which take advantage of the new graphics capabilities. The 8-megapixel camera provides some awesome shots and you won’t have to worry about that annoying shutter lag like you would on previous models.

But is it worth paying an early-termination fee to get? Apparently, many people think so but I’m content sticking with the iPhone 4 with iOS 5 for at least a little while longer. The next iPhone may make me bite the bullet though and I’m already fighting the urge to splurge on the Galaxy Nexus. What about you friends? Did you break your contract to get an iPhone 4S?

[Via CNET]

  • steve librandi

    No way Marin, I’m with you, my 4 is fine, my phone was purchased in November, one year ago, and it’s fine. I am eligible on ATT in July, and that is when the iPhone6? is due out. This refresh is just a tweener. Pass.

  • zahra parnianpour

    it been one day since i got my iphone 4 and i have 13 days to choose if i want to get the 4S or not if i do choose on geting a 4S i have to pay 135$ fee and i dont know if its worth it !? ….should i ?!!!!!!!!

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