New Siri port for iPhone 4 is illegal — stay classy!

Listen, I understand it’s tough. That new H1Siri port is out and it brings Siri to your iPhone 4. You really don’t want to spend the money to get an iPhone 4S just so you can talk to your phone. Instead, you’d like to have it on your mint-condition iPhone 4 for free. I get that, I do, but the solution currently available to iPhone 4 owners is illegal.

The CD-Dev Team is a group of hackers based in China, and they are the ones partly responsible for H1Siri. The original intent was to just run a private test of the Siri code, but it leaked onto the web. It’s tempting, but avoid H1Siri at all costs. The main reason is because it uses copyrighted binaries from the iPhone 4S, which is illegal.

In case you need some more reasons not to utilize the H1Siri port, those who have installed it are reporting crashes and bricks galore. It causes sporadic reboots, breaks the camera app, freezes at startup, and more. Still not convinced? H1Siri also gives the developers access to your personal information, and judging by most Carrier IQ reactions, that’s not a good thing.

Simply put, resist the urge to splurge. It hardly seems worth it.

[via TechCrunch]

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