An app lets you use Xperia Play as a wireless gamepad for Android tablets

DroidMote for Android

Here’s a scenario – let’s say you own the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and also some solid Honeycomb tablet. Don’t you want to use your smartphone’s gamepad to play games on a tablet’s bigger screen? Yeah you do want the capability and now you can have it.

The name of the application is DroidMote and it should be installed on both Sony Ericsson’s smartphone and tablet you’ll be using. The free DroidMote Client app should be installed on the Xperia Play and the paid ($2.02) DroidMote Server app on a tablet. If that’s set – you’re ready to go.

That’s still not enough for you. You can additionally connect your tablet to a big-ass TV using an HDMI cable for even better experience. Is this future of gaming or what?

Both versions of DroidMote can be downloaded from the two links below.

DroidMote Client (FREE) [Android Market link]
DroidMote Server ($2.02) [Android Market link]


  • genny gen

    saving money for a wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, wireless gamepad, smart TV. This application is certainly the future, at least the concept will be.

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