How to Galaxy S

How to Galaxy S

Let’s face it – people don’t read phone user manuals. I often respond to super-basic questions regarding various phone functions. After spending some 30 minutes explaining some particular feature, my final answer is – “why don’t you look at the manual?” Most often than not, basic questions are addressed in the user manual that comes inside the box.

Now that I own the Samsung Galaxy S II, friends with the same phone ask me about some specific “problem” they have. Yep “problem” is in quotes, because again – most of them don’t realize how to turn on some of the built-in features or which app to use for what.

So I decided to yet again give everyone my final answer – consult the user manual and only then (presuming you don’t find your answer there) – ask a question.

In most cases answers to how to do anything on the Galaxy S or any other Samsung phone can be found in the user manual. If you don’t have a user manual, you can download it from Samsung’s website. Simply select your carrier, phone model and get the PDF file.

Additionally, you may also want to consult Android 2.3 user guide. The printable version is available from here.

Hope that helps. 😉

  • Bsamspon8

    Great post Dusan!

    Just by reading the user manual I am now an expert user of my Galaxy. The problem is the cell phone companies keep producing these awful user manuals in paper format. Why don’t they pre-load each phone with their user manual as an application? Then there would be no excuse for not knowing how to set up and use all the features on your phone. I was just reading in TechCrunch about a startup that is trying to take the user manual to the 21st century

    I sure hope it works out for them. If you need help with your Galaxy I am always here to help

  • onthefly

    How do i get the song i want for my ringer? I know it should be easy but…

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