Twitter radically revamps mobile site, apps [Photos]

Twitter has overhauled its mobile experience on the web and on the iPhone and Android and this new version aims to make Twitter a simpler and much more visually-pleasing experience. Basically, Twitter wants to make this fly.

The new user interface is available now via the apps on iPhone and Android and also through a mobile browser and it lays out four icons at the bottom: Home, Connect, Discover and Me. The Home tab will show you what’s in your timeline (including photos and videos) and this experience will be consistent across all the platforms. The Connect tab shows your @ features including the mentions and conversations.

The Discover pane can show your trending hashtags, as well as use geolocation to find interesting topics around you. The Me tab shows your profile information and it shows your direct messages and other information about your account. Finally, your tweet button is at the top an it’s much easier to include photos, hashtags or geolocation in your updates with this approach.

Overall, I think it’s a fresher take on the Twitter experience and it will be sweeping across all your computing devices soon. As you can see from the pictures, Stefan is not a fan because he thinks it doesn’t properly take advantage of the iPhone’s screen real estate. I’ll definitely play around with it but I don’t see myself switching from Tweetbot just yet.

In a blog post, Twitter says we can expect much more in the future.

What we’re announcing today is just the beginning. We now have a framework in place that we will quickly build and iterate upon to help users connect with whatever is meaningful to them.

You can download the new Twitter app for the iPhone here and for Android here. Oh yeah, you can follow me on Twitter @marinperez and please follow IntoMobile @IntoMobile.

[Via Twitter, Let’s Fly]

  • Anonymous

    It’s not bad.  I do think I like the old one better though.  Overall I feel like they are adding unnecessary things like interactions and mentions on the ‘connect’ page…just give me one or the other I don’t need both…and moving dm’s to the ‘me’ page is a little weird.

    Also whats up with the blue space at the top?  Couldn’t that post button be moved in line with something else and not waste valuable screen real estate?

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