Samsung Wave 525 and Wave 533 won’t get the bada 2.0 update

Samsung Wave 525 and Wave 533 won't get the bada 2.0 update

Not all Samsung Wave phones will get the bada 2.0 update. The two models that are not in the “lucky group” (of devices that will get the update) are Wave 525 and Wave 533, both of which are stuck on the version 1.1. However, not all is gloom and doom, with Korean giant preparing the so called “Value Pack” for these two devices.

And if you don’t know what Value Pack is all about, here’s what Samsung has to say about it:

Samsung is offering “Value Pack” upgrade for devices that do not support bada 2.0 upgrade due to hardware limitations such as main chipset performance and available network speed. “Value Pack” is designed to offer the same bada 2.0 user experience and service as much as possible despite the hardware limitations.

Finally, before I let you go I must add we’re not that surprised these two relatively old phones are stuck to the old version of bada — after all, there’s only so much Samsung can do to make things run smoothly on the old hardware…

[Via: SammyHub]

  • Debanu_93

    yeah everywhere its the same news.but when will the value packs release?

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