YouMail launches WhoAreYou: visual caller ID app for Android

The makers of the YouMail visual voicemail app released a fresh new calling tool in the Android Market today. It’s WhoAreYou, and this creatively titled app answers that question by bringing visual caller ID to smartphones at last.

There’s a number of handy features in WhoAreYou. The main one, of course, is seeing who called. When the majority of phone calls shifted from being made on home phones to cell phones and smartphones, caller ID didn’t follow the trend. Sure you can see phone numbers on incoming calls, but never names (unless the person is in your contacts.) WhoAreYou lets you punch in any phone number and get detailed information on the identity of the caller, including an image pulled from Facebook.

Additionally, WhoAreYou has some nifty call blocking functionality. The “ditch” feature means users can add specific phone numbers to a block list. When they call, they’ll be sent straight to voicemail before the phone even rings. YouMail points out this works especially well for blocking “telemarketers, spammers, and [exes].”

A spokesperson cleverly mentioned that “in the span of a month, YouMail has gone from zero Android apps to two.” If you’ve been following along with the recent drama, you’ll know that’s technically true. First a complaint from T-Mobile got the regular YouMail app removed from the Android Market. YouMail got pretty pissed off, found the problem, rectified it, and shortly after it was blissfully available again.

WhoAreYou is completely free to call your own and is already in the Android Market for your consumption.

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