Apple iPad garners 84% customer satisfaction rating in survey

Are you happy with your iPad? If you said “yes,” you’re not alone, as a survey from the Software Usability Research Laboratory testing customer satisfaction for the Apple iPad, 83.65 percent of respondents indicated that they were satisfied with the tablet.

The survey covered a range of other topics involving the iPad such as how user friendly it is. For this category, 62 percent of the participants answered it is excellent, 21 percent said it is good and 10 percent called user-friendliness the “best imaginable.” On the flip side, 4 percent called it fair, 2 percent called it poor, and the final 2 percent said it’s awful.

According to respondents, the iPad shines when it comes to a wide variety of apps, ease of use, portability, and screen size – (You hear that, rumor mill?) The iPad isn’t so great for typing, lack of Adobe Flash, and apps of poor quality.

Satisfaction for the iPad 2 was actually slightly lower than last year’s survey for the first-generation iPad, though SURL says “Overall, it seems as though Apple is listening to its customers.” Plus, the only 26 males and 26 females participated in the study, so it may not reflect the views of the tens of millions of iPad owners.

SURL asked some other questions such as how many apps are installed, how many are regularly used, how often the iPad is carried around, if it’s shared, where it’s used for what and for how long, what it’s specifically not used for, and if respondents own any e-readers in addition to the iPad. Stats on some of those can be found below, but for full details hit up the source link.

If you happen to own an iPad, are you satisfied with it? Voice your opinion in the comments.

[via The Loop]

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