Mobile video calling service Tango adds Video Messages and Tango Surprises

Tango adds Video Messages and Tango Surprises

Mobile video service Tango launched two new features – Video Messages and Tango Surprises. The first of the two allows users to record and send high-quality video content to their friends so that even when a Tango call is missed, people can leave a video message to “complete the experience.” The new feature works across platforms — iOS and Android users can send video messages, while those with Windows Phone devices and on PCs can watch them using a web browser.

When it comes to Tango Surprises, these allow people to personalize their video calls with a series of video animations. For instance, there’s a ninja that slices the screen, a monkey that entertains young ones, beating hearts to express love, with more content categories to be added in the near future. At the moment, Tango Surprises can be sent from the iOS-based devices only, though support for other mobile platforms will be added shortly.

As for the pricing, sending and receiving of video messages is free and the five most recent video messages are always playable. Additionally, users can purchase access to an additional 5 messages in increments of $0.99 cents. The set of Tango Surprises is available for $1.99, while the first animation is free.

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