Nokia has plans to introduce a yellow and a white Lumia 800 next year?

Thanks to the huge the success of the iPhone, nearly every smartphone on the market looks the same. Hell, just look at Samsung. They’ve been so “inspired” by Apple’s designs that they’re in multiple court battles with the makers of the Jesus Phone. Nokia is different though. They wear their “We’re from Finland!” badge proudly, and with the recent introduction of the Lumia 800 they really pushed the envelope of what’s possible in terms of industrial design. They could have stopped there too and simply released the Lumia 800 in black and/or silver, but instead they offered consumers vibrant colors like blue and pink. According to the French technology site MonWindowsPhone, two more colors are going to be hitting the scene: white and yellow. Now white has become popular recently simply because there’s way too many black devices on the market, but yellow? When was the last time you saw a yellow mobile phone?

We’re just two months away from Mobile World Congress, where we’re supposedly going to see a huge portfolio of Windows Phone devices from Nokia being announced. If they’re all different kinds of colors then do you think other companies like HTC are going to take notice and start doing the same thing? HTC has already tried to pass a plum phone in America, the Rhyme for Verizon Wireless, though it didn’t pick up that much attention. Part of that was because it was marketed quite strongly towards women, but it’s ultimate downfall was that it ran Android. Not for nothing, we love Android here at IntoMobile, but you still kind of have to be a geek to really like the OS and maximize its potential.

Anyway, should Nokia start selling banana phones are you willing to take a bite and try something new? Or are you a boring business person who wants to be taken seriously?

[Via: The Nokia Blog]

  • jfigge

    This is the Lumia 900 (Nokia Ace), not the 800.  There’s a front facing camera, the camera release is futher up the body (or is it in the same place on the body is bigger?), and the spacing between the capacitive buttons is bigger (could this again be because of the larger body size?)

    • Whatever, who cares about a device you can’t yet buy? I want to know about the colors and how they’re perceived. Do you care about these new hues?

    • Wp7 is Dead.

  • Gregory C Newman

    I think a Nokia 800 or 900 black or blue body with some Silver trim would make them look more sophisticated. A good thing that is happening is that the Nokia 800 is being tested by the FCC
    which means it will be certified to be sold in the Good old USA. AT & T will probably be selling them.  Verizon only wants to sell a Good LTE rated Windows smart phones. knowing their disdain for Windows smart phones since the Microsoft KIN failure.  I hope that Verizon at least sells a Verizon Nokia 900 or Verizon HTC TiTan Windows smart phone to their Loyal Verizon users like myself. Verizon Executives if you’er reading This comment give your Verizon customers a first class windows Smartphone if you are only going to sell one model of the Windows smart phones like you have been doing. a Nokia 900 or HTC Titan or Samsung Focus S are Windows Smart phones that Have First class status  so sell first class stuff if you want to stay a first  smart phone carrier. What do you folks on the internet think?  

  • munts

    like you said bubblegum girls phone all over…and the phone design wise isn’t that great to look at   it’s the same basic design of the n9 which has out for a long time now. It’s not ugly but there is no “wow” factor to it. the samsung 9 (galaxy) isn’t that great to look at but it is thin so there is it’s wow factor. Iphone is a good looking piece of kit but the best is the sony experia arc (which has different colours, metallic powder coated look) and the nokia 900 apparently will have the metallic look but the same boring design only bigger. Surely a big company like Nokia should have realised that men also buy phones too and have some one imaginative working there.     

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