What did you get for the holidays?

Yesterday was Christmas for many of you out there and even if you celebrate something else, the holiday season is a time when many people get gifts. These gifts can often be electronics and we know that smartphones and tablets were on many of your wishlists, so go ahead and comment on this post to let us know what you got.

Even though I like to think I’m too old to get gifts, I made out with a nice haul this year. Along with a nice set of dominoes, multiple Starbucks and Best Buy gift cards, a black hoodies, I was quite happy with a remote control helicopter that has a built-in camera. That and you dominoes are something I would never buy for myself but am really happy to have.

People know better than to get me anything related to technology, as I probably already have it. I was going to get my Dad the Kindle Fire but then I realized he already had my old HP TouchPad and a PlayBook – both were being used as fancy alarm clocks.

What about you? Did you get or give anything cool?

[Photos via Shutterstock, cappi thompson]

  • Lowey5

    HTC Sensation XL with Beats, previously had a iPhone then a Desire S, very happy with new one, super fast and camera is the best I’ve seen.

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