Samsung mulling Android 4.0 ICS upgrade for Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab

Well, that didn’t take long. Samsung is backtracking a bit on its Friday announcement that said that the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab will not receive an upgrade to Android 4.0 ICS. This of course drew a lot of criticism from the Android community, who thought it was unfair that Samsung’s first big-time Android phone would get the ax on future firmware updates. Samsung claimed that it will review the viability of updating those two devices in response to strong customer demand, as first reported by ajnews in Korea.

Samsung reiterated the difficulties of fitting the new software onto the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab because of their limited memory capacity, but has been quoted as saying they’ll “investigate ways to try and make it work.”

Speaking as someone who actually owned the T-Mobile version Galaxy S, I’d say I was really turned off by the company’s lack of support, as both updates to Froyo and Gingerbread were disasters — just think, I actually sold my Nexus One for the GS. Big mistake. After that horrific experience, I jumped into the myTouch 4G (a.k.a. Glacier), rooted it with CM7, then proudly held onto it until this past September. I’ll probably never own a Samsung phone running TouchWiz again.

[via The Verge]


  • TouchWiz is a disaster. Not only is it in the court system for infringing on Apple, but once its on, you might as well kiss goodbye to updates for Android. TouchWiz uses so much space, it doesnt surprise me Samsung says their phones cant be updated. However, if Samsung wants to hold that place at #1 Android Hardware Maker, they better ditch TouchWiz and let Android do its job. Like the Nexus S 

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