There were 3.7 million Android activations in two days

Did you get an Android phone or tablet for the holidays? If you did, you’re not alone, as Google’s Andy Rubin tweeted that there were 3.7 million Android activations in just two days near Christmas.

“UPDATE: There were 3.7M Android devices activated on 12/24 and 12/25,” Rubin tweeted.

Google previously clarified that these activations mean brand new devices connected to a wireless network, so these numbers aren’t being goosed up by old devices changing hands. I guess Android tablets could also play a part in this if it had 3G connectivity built in and a data plan but I’d be willing to guess that more than 95 percent of these were smartphones. It’s not much of a surprise, as there were a ton of sales on Android devices for the holidays and there were high-profile devices like the Galaxy Nexus, Droid Razr and Galaxy S II.

The holiday season is always very popular for new phones and increasingly, tablets and we just saw a report from Flurry which said about 6.7 million iPhones and Android devices were activated around Christmas. Google giving its official insight into Android activations gives us a better idea of how many iPhones were also given as gifts but we’ll have to wait until Apple reports its fourth-quarter results before we truly know how well the iPhone did this holiday season.

[Via Twitter]

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