Image: Samsung Galaxy Note with AT&T logo

Samsung Galaxy Note with AT&T logo

Not exactly news but we decided to share this nonetheless (plus it’s a slow news day). We know the Samsung Galaxy Note is heading to AT&T and will most likely be unveiled at the CES in Las Vegas. Today we have the first press image to show you which as far as I can tell looks pretty legit. Heck, even if this isn’t the official press shot made by Samsung, AT&T’s device will look like that, boasting both Samsung’s and AT&T’s logos.

So once again I ask – are you looking forward to grab Sammy’s smartphone/tablet? Or you find it too big for a phone and too small for a tablet?

[Via: AndroidCentral]

  • Sigh. I had a Nexus One on AT&T with grandfathered tethering and unlimited data, and the day after the FTC spanked the Death Star, AT&T sent me an email that should have be considered an illegal breach of contract, in which they told me I had to stop tethering or pay an additional $40 or so per month, PLUS restrict my data to 2Gb.

    They said that because they changed the plan, they would let me out of the ETF, which is a very bogus and improper use of their power.

    So screw AT&T, no matter how much I would like this phone/tablet (which is quite a bit), I am now at T-Mobile for literally less than half the price of AT&T.


    But the Galaxy Note is an terrific device. Pocket sized, and far better in processor and battery life than the Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy S II — which is what I am now using.

    To hell with AT&T, if you go with them you are asking to be screwed over.

  • Alienquest7

    I definitely want this device. It’s sad to hear that the AT&T version won’t have the Exynos processor though. Let’s see how bad the LTE hits the battery. I may just go ahead and order the current Note, which works on AT&T’s HSPA+ and includes the Exynos and the home button, which is better, in my opinion. I guess I’ve gotten used to a home button on all of the iPhones that I’ve had. I’m just tired of having a dinky little 3.5″ screen, when every other phone has a decent sized screen. The 5.3″ on the note is just plain awesome. And it is HD, which is also a must.

  • VPC

    TMoble add the Note. The pen is mightier than the finger.

  • Anonymous

    It can’t get here soon enough! I’ve been limping along with my HTC Tilt running WinMo6.1 for the last 2 years because I was holding out for this thing! I can’t stand the iPhone and the new WP phones are a supreme let-down, and android on anything smaller than this phone is a joke! Plus, I need a large screen to RDP into my servers and doing that on something as small as an iPhone is torture!

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