Locked bootloader on Asus Transformer Prime causes a stir

Asus released its Transformer Prime tablet with much fanfare last month. The highly anticipated Android 3.2 tablet has a quad-core processor that, at least on paper, puts most tablets to shame. Unfortunately, the company decided to lock the bootloader on the device and neutered what could have been the best Android tablet to date.

According to the xda-developers, the Transformer Prime’s bootloader is not just locked, it’s locked down with 128-bit AES encryption which makes it almost impossible to crack. With a locked bootloader, owners can’t install different ROMs or customize the software that ships with the device. It takes away the main reason many people buy an Android device. Some Android enthusiasts are so upset with Asus’ decision that they’ve organized a campaign to force Asus to unlock the bootloader.  They flocked to Asus’ North American Facebook page to express their discontent.

HTC took a similar approach and locked down the bootloader on its phones. After public outcry, the manufacturer agreed to unlock all its phones released after September 2011. In a good faith effort, it even unlocked some older phones like the Incredible 2 and the Thunderbolt.

[Via The Next Web]

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