Siri for Windows Phone – Ask Ziggy

Siri for Windows Phone - Ask Ziggy

Windows Phone users may find Apple’s Siri service so awesome that makes the default Bing Voice look like an ancient technology. No more, thanks to the new app called Ask Ziggy.

Available as a free download, it will understand your question (thanks to the Nuance-powered technology) and assist you in areas such as emailing, texting, calling, social network (Facebook and Twitter) updates, and getting directions. In addition, Ask Ziggy is said to be good for mathematical questions, checking flight status and random trivia.

What’s more, when a general question is asked, Ziggy will scrap the web content and match patterns to return relevant result. If such thing is not possible, you’ll get a search bubble with a link to see web search results based on your query.

Love it, though unfortunately not all features are instantly available. The application you can download today from the Windows Phone Marketplace is pretty solid, though an update is waiting for Microsoft’s approval and will be released shortly. You can check out a short video demonstrating some of the Ask Ziggy’s capabilities below. Enjoy! 😉

Ask Ziggy (FREE) [Windows Phone Marketplace link]

[Via: wpcentral]

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    Doesn’t work. I found Alex to be way better.

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