Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD is AT&T’s way of saying Galaxy Nexus with LTE

Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD is AT&T's way of saying Galaxy Nexus with LTE

AT&T will offer the Galaxy Nexus, too. But why call it Galaxy Nexus when you can have your own name – Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD, which [name] sounds much easier to remember. Say what? Don’t be fooled by the name change, this bad boy is Galaxy Nexus to the bone with the addition of LTE radio (just like Verizon’s version) and Samsung’s TouchWIZ UI running on top of Android Gingerbread (rather than Ice Cream Sandwich).

In other words, it rocks a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 4.65-inch 720p Super AMOLED HD screen and all other goodies you would expect from a high-end device.

As for the availability information, the Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD will start selling “in the coming months.” If anyone has idea what that means, feel free to share the wisdom – comments form is all yours.

The price is also a mystery, though it’s fair to argue AT&T can’t be asking more than Verizon, right?

In any case, it’s good to see more operators joining the Nexus party. The hope is that now that you can get the same device from multiple providers, the prices will drop and that’s a good thing. 😉

  • Jasd

    its not a nexus, not with the touchwiz interface

  • Kevin

    It’s not a Nexus.  Are you a dope?  You must be an iphone guy.

  • Ashfaq Rasheed

    You are missing the point. This had to be pure Google ICE experience and now it will not be. I am totally bummed!!


  • Ab

    this phone is probably the asian version of the galaxy s2 with lte and HD display finally comming to the US. The skyrocket should have been this in the first place. It is not the Nexus. It even won’t have Ice Cream Sandwich and very likely AT&T will again disable the NFC as they did on the skyrocket. 
    Why is it so tough to get a good phone in the US? Because the providers mess it up all the time.
    I want a galaxy nexus with ICS and enabled NFC, that does work on GSM, HSPA+ and LTE. Is it so difficult to make that?

  • Mb

    Galaxy nexus has virtual buttons.  S2 Skyrocket HD DP 1.5g LMNOP still has physical (albeit capacitive) buttons.  I’m digging the AMOLED plus screen over the Nexus’ pentile AMOLED though.

  • Asdf

    whoever wrote this is either retarded or doesnt know what is so special about the galaxy nexus…

  • A guest!

    I’m not too familiar with android, but I want to get one for my next phone.  Is is possible to root this phone and install ICS?  Or will they eventually upgrade it to ICS?

  • Anonymous

    So wait; don’t be fooled, this is a AT&T’s version of Galaxy Nexus, except it is still running gingerbread? SMH.

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