Nokia to sell 37 million Windows Phones in 2012?

This could be a good year for the Finnish-company as Morgan Stanley expects shipments of Nokia’s new Windows Phones to hit 37 million units in 2012, and 64 million units in 2013. I know, this sounds like a lofty prediction, but if you consider the company’s growing list of handsets currently hitting the market like the Lumia 900, the Lumia 800 and the entry-level Lumia 710 — you can see how this could happen. Also, Nokia has almost endless cash reserves thanks to its partnership with Microsoft. There’s no question the Redmond company has enough resources to aggressively push its mobile-operating system to the masses.

Lets be real, Microsoft has an uphill climb when it comes to grabbing some of the consumer mind share away from some of the leaders in the market today. There’s competition all over the place, and with Android and iOS getting better by the year, it’s a daunting task for a new operating system to capture millions of consumers so quickly. I share the same view as our very own Marin Perez has about Windows Phone penetration into the market:

It’s not going to be easy for Microsoft and Nokia to make a significant dent in the U.S. mobile market, as this is the home turf of both Google and Apple. We all know that the iPhone appeals to many mainstream consumers and Google’s Android is claiming an impressive number of new smartphone purchases. Despite Windows Phone Mango being pretty darn good, all research puts Microsoft’s mobile platform in single digits and Nokia’s smartphone share is probably even lower.

Some analysts are optimistic, some tech journalists are cautious, but what about you. Do you think Nokia and Microsoft will do well in the upcoming year? Let us know in the comments.

[via AllThingsD]

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