California to require handset makers to ship energy-efficient chargers

California, in an effort to be more Eco-friendly, yesterday voted to require handset makers to ship energy-efficient battery chargers starting in 2013. This new requirement includes cellphones, tablets and hundreds of other electronic devices. Of course, such a progressive move was rejected by consumer product makers, but that didn’t matter as the California Energy Commission voted 3-0 to enact the new law.

According to the CEC, many chargers continue to draw power, even without a device attached, and account for up to 13 percent of all the power used in California. The Golden State commission also believes this unprecedented law will save residential and commercial customers $306 million off their electricity bills each year.

Honestly, you can look at this two ways. One, the government of California is over-reaching its boundaries by flexing its power and creating laws that force consumer electronics manufacturers to alter the way they build products. Two, you can look at it as the government is forcing these companies to innovate in an effort to be more energy efficient, especially in a large state like Cali that consumes so much power. If the California commission is right when it says hundreds of millions of dollars will be cut from electric bills of not only regular folks, but businesses as well — makes it hard to disagree with their position.

[GO via Phonescoop]


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