Redesigned Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0N Plus tablet headed for Germany

Samsung is releasing an alternative to its original Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 in Germany, after the line of tablets was banned from being sold in the country as a result of a long legal battle with Apple. Dubbed the Galaxy Tab 7.0N Plus, it has a redesign to reflect what Apple and the court considers valid and without infringement. The tweaked design of the Galaxy Tab 7.0N has more curved edges, a silver bezel particularly noticeable on the top and bottom, and conspicuous placement of the Samsung logo on the front.

A modified Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 known as the Galaxy Tab 10.1N was previously released in Germany for similar reasons.

Apple and Samsung have been throwing punches back and forth in various countries for most of 2011. Apple has been winning most of the battles. It first successfully banned the Samsung Galaxy Tab line of tablets in all of Europe, but the court later lifted that ban in every country except for Germany. Samsung had no choice but to change the design of its tablets if it wanted to reach the German market and, let’s be honest, the original designs do take several cues from the Apple iPad.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0N Plus will retail in Germany for approximately €600.

[via Phone Arena]

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