OnLive Viewer hits Google TV

OnLive Viewer hits Google TV

The popular cloud-based gaming company OnLive is expanding to Google TV. For a start, they released a Viewer app, providing folks with the ability to watch other people play games on their TVs, friend and chat with other players. Moreover, there are so called “Brag Clip” videos included, showing incredible moves and hilarious fails.

The full-fledged version of OnLive is in development as we speak and will be rolled out soon (though we don’t have the exact launch date), allowing those of you with fancy Sony TVs and Logitech Revue (and more devices coming soon) to play high-end games from the comfort of their sofas.

So presuming you have a Google TV device, hit the link below and take it from there. Yeah, it’s not that fun to watch other people enjoy OnLive titles, but it’s a start. And besides, soon enough you’ll be able to join them, so think of it as a title that will set you in the right mood and prepare you for the “real deal” once it’s out. 😉

OnLive Viewer (FREE) [Android Market link]


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