Operation T-Mobile/AT&T spectrum transfer: Engaged

AT&T and T-Mobile have filed a request with the FCC to begin the $1 billion spectrum transfer AT&T promised to hand over to T-Mobile if the merger failed. Well, it’s time to pay up with AWS goods and the first step has officially been taken.

With the merger failed and behind them now, T-Mobile needs this spectrum desperately. The only major US carrier that lacks and LTE network, (Sprint’s network should be lit up in select markets by mid-year) Magenta needs to keep up with the Jones’ as best as it can.

Tom Sugrue, T-Mobile’s senior vice president for government affairs told the Wall Street Journal the following about the upcoming transfer:

“This additional spectrum will help meet the growing demand for wireless broadband services,” “We hope the FCC will move swiftly to approve the license assignments.”

We also hope that the FCC approves the spectrum transfer as soon as possible, just so we never have to hear anything about the mess that this turned into again. Still, that doesn’t mean T-Mobile isn’t looking for some sort of lasting partnership, but for the moment, the country’s fourth largest carrier should soon be reveling in spectrum is so desperately needs.

[Via: BGR, WSJ]


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