Sony shows off next gen image CMOS for future cameraphones

If you thought the current crop of cameras in smartphones are good, then you probably can’t wait to see what the next generation of devices will have with the just-introduced image CMOS sensors from Sony.

The main appeal of the new back-illuminated CMOS image sensors is that it will be able to fit into even thinner form factors. With devices like the Droid Razr pushing the limit on how thin smartphones can be, we’ll definitely be needing CMOS image sensors which can fit into thinner devices. Sony also pointed out a few other features of the new CMOS image sensors:

  • Large-scale signal processing circuits required for higher image quality and better functionality are built-in
  • More compact image sensor chip size
  • Even higher image quality of the pixel section by adopting manufacturing processes specialized for superior image quality
  • Faster speeds and lower power consumption by adopting the leading process for the circuit section

[Via 9to5Mac, Sony, image via Shutterstock, Anna Omelchenko]

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