Distimo: Being featured on Android Market boosts business

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Distimo, an analytics provider, has come out with its latest report and it has some interesting facts about what happens when mobile apps go on sale. The report shows vast improvements to an app’s ranking once it achieves “featured” status in both the iTunes and Android Market app stores.

For instance, when it comes to Apple’s App Store most featured applications see an average jump in its ranking of some 15 spots or so, during the first three days. Not bad.

What’s even more impressive than these iPhone numbers is those of the Android Market. According to Distimo’s research, Android not only has better ranking for apps in its first three days boosting featured apps up +42 spots, but better rankings in a seven-day stretch as well, with average gains of +65 spots for featured Android apps compared to +15 for iPhone and +28 for iPad. Other glaring stats from the chart shows that about half the apps that have been featured in the Android Market have an increase over 100 percent while only one-third of featured iPad apps gained more than 200%. (Ranks broken down: iPad up 252%, iPhone up 137%, and Android up 172%).

That said, the research showing the effectiveness of the Android Market didn’t really surprise me all that much, as the one standout for me was the popularity of the iPad. The iPad’s app rankings in just about every class almost doubled those of the iPhone, suggesting that apps on the iOS tablet may be more popular.

Checkout all charts below, and tell us what you think about Distimo’s research?

[via TechCrunch]


  • Android applications contain social networking networking, games and other segments, which are useful for business requirements.

  • Today we are living in a fast life,we don’t have much time.As Andriod have everything from social networking to games, music and all then why to go for other.

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