Infographic: Apple’s cash explained

Infographic: Apple\'s cash explained

After another successful quarter, Apple is worth more than $400 billion, which is about $6,622,516 per employee.

If it was to pay a corporate tax on its massive cash reserves of $97.7 billion, that money could buy an iPad for every person in Canada and Greece. However, 2/3 of that reserve is stored offshore. Moreover, Apple’s cash reserve is enough to pay off the total public debt of 8 EU countries, including Slovakia, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Cyprus, Estonia and Malta.

In the last three months, Apple brought in 4x more profit than Walmart, the world’s largest retailer… And here’s how it all comes together in an infographic.

Infographic: Apple\'s cash explained

  • Vic

    That just shows how overpriced their products are. 

    • Franz100

      No one is twisting your arm to buy any apple products.  Apple has never asked for a bailout, unlike the banks, insurance companies, big oil and other big business.  Also, a product is NOT overpriced if it provides perceived value to the buyer greater than the price of the product…

      • eljorge

        if people buy those products they are not over priced, buyers are over sold and under informed. fads and herd behaviour allows this to happen, just as with women fashion

  • Vic

    That just shows how overpriced their products are. 

  • Bman

    Planet of distracted morons and greed fucked money lovers

  • Abhinandan S

    shows the imbalance between their price and payment for workers world wide

  • Anonymous

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