Galaxy S III (I9300) caught at Samsung’s website?

Galaxy S III (I9300) caught at Samsung's website?

While we’re still not 100% sure Samsung will use Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to launch the Galaxy S III, such a device has been caught at the company’s UAE website, or so we think.

The phone marked as GT-I9300 certainly smells like the next phone in the series, considering the I9000 marks the original Galaxy S, I9100 is the Galaxy S II, and I9250 – Galaxy Nexus. See where this pattern goes and why we believe the I9300 is the Galaxy S III?

Now just because some device got its place at Sammy’s website doesn’t necessarily mean it will be launched shortly. That, however, can’t kill our wish to see the next iteration of the Galaxy S in Barcelona. On the other hand, the Korean company must be extra careful with the Galaxy S III launch as it definitely hopes to repeat the success it had with the first two smartphones in the series. We’ll see…

[Via: PocketNow]

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