iOS apps crash more often than Android apps

A new report from start-up company Crittercism claims that iOS apps are crashing at a greater rate than most popular Android apps. The mobile app monitoring company came up with these results after collecting and breaking down data in a 2 month period, which consisted of analyzing OS versions and apps that ultimately explains the crashes.

What you’ll also find out to be interesting is Crittercism chart points out that Android isn’t the only mobile operating system to have older versions (or builds) moving around on devices today. The research company discovered that there were at least 23 different versions of iOS and 33 of Android — hell, I didn’t even know that many versions of iOS existed.

That said, the most important thing the chart details is the higher you go up in OS build, the higher the crash rates, but logic says if the majority of people run the newest OS that the rate would have to be higher anyway. The reason behind the crashes is quite simple, apps we love to use don’t get updated to be compatible with new firmware. Crittercism highlights some pretty interesting data, but it’s nothing too glaring to be overly concerned about, as both platforms are crashing at less than a 1% rate. But if you consider this to be some sort of contest, then Android is tad-bit more stable OS.

[Forbes via Droid-Life, photo via Shutterstock cla78]



  • Spam40

    it’s all about open source!

  • Jarrod

    In my usage android has been less reliable from phone restarts randomly to things not  coming up when I boot up the phone and then apps crashing for whatever reason. Im not saying iOS is perfect after i have been doing a bunch of internet browsing that is media based it will close but this is on an iPhone that is jail broken so that could be a contributing factor.

  • Cellularcrazy09

    And look most iOS users on on the current os 28.64%.  The only reason why people don’t update on iOS is because either they don’t know how or they don’t want to loose their unlock.  Look how many are on the most recent Android…1.04%.  And thats because manufacturers wont upgrade their devices. Not because it’s available for them to do.  I think that’s bull about iOS being less stable than android…I have never had to restart my iPhone because it froze or wouldn’t respond.  I did however have to do that with my droid constantly.  I think this is a bunch of Fandroid’s trying to win people to their party…

  • The most crash happy app I have on my iPad is Safari.

  • Me

    so not true… my android apps crash constantly… iOS… hardly ever.

  • Auguysyd

    Well, in that case everyone, throw out your iphones and jump on bard the new band wagon.

  • lenny taveras

    im not suprised my  sister says her apps crash alot on her iphone 4 and still on the 4s i didnt here that much problem with my cuzin that got a gs2 he says it wont stop for anybody aka iphone killa   

  • People don’t realize that this is by design and it is actually a GOOD thing. When apps misbehave, I would rather have the OS kill them dead than to become zombies sucking the life out of my CPU and battery. This is exactly what’s happening on my Android now – some days it takes me 30 seconds to make a call. I’m constantly uninstalling apps to find out who the offender is. Can’t wait for my contract to be up so I can switch to an iPhone.

  • Android is personal HELL, apps crash, and cause funky things with your phone. One app killed my 3g, had to do a reset.  Another app made my phone vibrate 1-2 times per hour.  I paid 200 early cancellation to end the horror of Android.  I also owned the Samsung Captive, which is no great phone either.  Who knows which of the 2 played the biggest part in a HELLBOUND experience.   Battery life stuck big time too.  

    Considering Windows phone. By the way my IPAD apps hardly ever crash, so I do consider APPLE apps better

  • great points altogether for iOS application crash more than android application, you simply gained a brand new reader. What would you suggest about your submit that you just made a few days in the past? 

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