Ting is the new mobile phone service we’ve all been waiting for

Ting is a brand new mobile phone service that caters to people tired of dealing with complicated billing plans from carriers like AT&T or Verizon, not to mention paying out the wazoo for them. The slogan is ‘Mobile That Makes Sense’ and after just a few minutes exploring the service, I’m utterly impressed.

The phone selection ranges from high-end smartphones to basic cell phones, there are no contracts, it uses Sprint’s nationwide network coverage and the plans couldn’t be more bare bones. The best part about Ting is the complete lack of complexity in the billing process. All phones are combined under a single account, so whether you are an individual user or with a family, you can manage everything at once and adjust your plan accordingly. Each device is a minimum of $6 per month for basic service.

There are three categories of options on Ting plans: minutes per month, messages per month, and megabytes of data per month. You can select any combination of XS, S, M, L, XL, or XXL options for each of these to suit your needs. For instance, a medium minutes plan bundles 500 minutes for only $9/mo. Everything is very inexpensive. Best of all, Ting only bills you based on the plans you actually use, so technically you can select XXL for minutes, messages, and data, but only pay for medium plans if that’s all you used.

Since devices don’t come tied with a contract on Ting, that’s where you’ll have to worry about the higher pricing. Luckily, it’s just a one time fee. There’s only a few phones on Ting right now such as the Motorola Photon, a 4G Android smartphone, and the Samsung M360, a basic feature phone. These are $545 and $65, respectively. Yes, these prices are quite high, but you’ll save in the long run thanks to Ting’s affordable monthly charges. There’s no word on if Ting phones can be taken to other carriers but you would hope that it can be brought to at least Sprint without any hassles.

There may not be any premium Android devices or iPhones on this network, but if you are a regular mobile phone user looking for a fantastic value, Ting seems very promising.

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  • Iamhis1955

    What if we have a phone from past sprint plan, will if work with ting?  How can we learn more about this plan?

  • The phone pricing is the only thing I about this service that I think stings – the coverage with Sprint is interesting because I’ve never used them as a carrier before. I’m currently with another prepaid carrier, Tracfone, and while they use several different carries (not Sprint) their phone selection is REALLY limited and nothing on the Android level.

  • Bgold2007

    My email to TING says it all:

    Bob Gold
    7:03 AM (23 minutes ago)
    to help
    1. Why doesnt TING have an FAQ?

    2. Unclear exactly what are TING’s minimum charges in obvious scenarios.

    For example

    A. I pick a 0-0-0 (VS-VS-VS) plan, one device. Minimum charge is $6 /mo plus taxes.
    Now what if I make 1 voice call, receive 1 text (I assume TING provides no better SPAM text protection than any other carrier), and transmit 1 GB.
    Am I auto-bumped to S-S-S and my monthly fee is $ 15 plus taxes? Or is there a ‘minimum’ voice/text/data ala carte charge?

    B. Same question with a S-S-S ‘plan’ (100-100-100). Say i use 101 voice minutes, use 101 texts, and 101 MB.
    Do I pay prorata ($3.03 for each category) or does TIN bump me to M-M-M for $ 27 + 6 ?

    I likes TUCOWS , like your non-penalty approach, but you TING should only charge pro rata of the lower (chosen) tier until
    customer would save by being bumped up. IOW bump on charges not volume.

    customer still has incentive to choose correct tier to minimize his initial costs per minute/text/MB.

    TING still gets interest/prepay value when customer is at high tier for low use month.

    Else your 0-0-0 plan is really a fraud, isn’t it?

    I use platinumTel, another Sprint MVNO.

    minimum non-zero usage thru TING would cost me $ 15 / month, right?
    Plus full postpaid taxes and fees, vs sales tax and recovery fee (50 cents) I pay for my prepaid plan.

    Thank you.

    Bob G.

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