Samsung Galaxy S III to land in May with 7mm thin profile

While we may not see the Samsung Galaxy S III at Mobile World Congress this year, some more details about the highly anticipated handset have been revealed that may make your geeky mouth water. Or not.

With the prospects of a quad-core Galaxy S III, the expectations for the handset are already pretty high. We can also expect something similar to the Galaxy Nexus’ display, which is a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED¬† HD panel. Now we’re hearing that Samsung’s next flagship phone may come in at a ridiculously thin 7mm thick. While it’s impressive to say the least, this is something I’m not looking forward to.

Like the Motorola Droid RAZR, the Galaxy S III may be stunningly thin in its own right but that doesn’t necessarily translate well in all areas. Holding the Droid RAZR is uncomfortable and the device just doesn’t fit in the hand in the natural way we’re used to. When Marin reviewed the RAZR, he begged the question, “Is being thin enough?” and now the question seems to be “When is thin too thin?”

We get that every company wants to be the thinnest, lightest, fastest, and all of that jazz but at some point they need to step back. Does anyone care if their phone is 7mm thick? Not this guy. I know I’m just one person and most of the other specifications within the handset may be enough to overlook the anorexic profile of the Galaxy S III but at the same time, everything is still a rumor until proven otherwise.

Also rumored is that the handset could land on shelves sometime in May, which sounds about right for a European launch. Like the original and Galaxy S II, the US will have to wait a while before the Galaxy S III graces its shores.

[Via: BGR]


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    More Samsung consumers want better battery life. If there’s one thing I always loved about Nokia is that they used huge capacity batteries that could power the phone for days. With people using their smartphones so much and for so many different things longer battery life would be appreciated than phone size.

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