Love your new Android phone? You won’t for long

Flash back to 2009: You just bought a brand new Motorola Droid, the first phone to run Android 2.0 and one of the very first Android handsets to successfully compete with the iPhone. Your friend, however, decided to buy a recently released iPhone 3GS.

Now jump ahead to the present: You and your friend still own those same phones, but which one out of the two feels like a worthless piece of crap? The Motorola Droid. This is the case with many Android and BlackBerry devices — they lose their value after a short period of time — and a new study from Priceonomics supports this.

Priceonomics studied cell phone resale values after usage for 18 months. It found that after that period of time, iPhones retain 53 percent of their original value. Android phones have only 42 percent of their initial worth and BlackBerrys have 41 percent. This means an 18-month-old iPhone would sell for $312.

Additionally, the total cost of ownership for BlackBerry and Android devices are far higher than that of an iPhone. Apple’s handset only costs an average of $13.20 per month, while BlackBerry is around $17 per month and Android phones are around $18 per month — the latter being 40 percent more than the iPhone.

Priceonomics had this to say about the study:

At Priceonomics, we firmly believe that resale value is the best objective indicator of product quality. If you wanted to figure out the best cell phone, you could look at all the reviews, test out all the phones, talk to all the experts, but still your assessment will be subjective. Or you could let the market tell you which phones are the highest quality by seeing which ones best retain their value over time.

Taking that belief into consideration, it’s clear the iPhone reigns in terms of overall quality, even in the long run.

[via Priceonomics]

  • Anonymous

    good one

  • Bxreppa

    bias bullshit. compare it with an htc evo 4g phone that still is a very popular phone after 2yrs or so. probably the most developed and custom rom loaded phone in xda developers history!! finally so relevant still that cyanogen is supporting it with cm9

  • Jmen

    What kind of stupid monkey wrote this? Oh a “self-proffesed Apple fanboy” did

    • Heh. Ya caught me.

    • Laughing@ThisFool

      Exactly. This kid clearly has no clue what he is talking about.

      • The report is from Priceonomics. IntoMobile didn’t conduct a study, I’m simply relaying the results from Priceonomics’ study.

    • TRDRACER21

      that stupid monkey name is George Tinari. If we were to have a 1 on 1 Android vs iPhone i will Skool him and he knows it! he gotta jailbreak his iCrap in order to do what an android does! right? Stupid Monkey?

  • Richard mitchell

    I think that whoever wrote this failed to mention that the resale value is built into the iphone have an mp3 player that is the most widely used. I bougth the original droid in large part because the iphone was not available on Verizon. I am currently weighing my options between Iphone and Droid. I still think I will be going Droid. Resale values be damned. 

  • thnkthru

    How do they calculate “cost of ownership”? Also, there are numerous models of android phone from high end on down. To hold water this arguement would need to be based on a comparison between the iphone and one or two android devices of equal unsubsidized price and similar feature set (to the iphone and one another.). At the very least we would then have a valid comparison!

  • The total cost of ownership statement is bit misleading. They are talking overall hardware costs of just the phone and nothing else. Total cost of ownership should actually be calculated as your total cost for service, accessories ect. All things being equal if my Android cost me 20-30% less to own and operate per year and I sell it at 10% less value than the iPhone I’m coming out money ahead.

    Not saying that is the case but its a much clearer perspective on “total cost of ownership”

  • Anonymous

    Blame the phone makers. They come up with newer models every 3 months. With so many companies continuously trying to outstrip each other, this is what we get. Had google not given away the OS, this would not have happened. But that is a whole different story.

  • His reasoning misses several important factors.  He is comparing apples to oranges here because while the Droid and 3gs are similar in age, the number of handsets that have come out since their inceptions are far different.  Buying a used 3gs doesn’t make you feel quite as out of touch with technology as buying a Droid, because the 3gs is only a generation old.  The Droid on the other hand has seen dozens of other handsets come out with far greater specifications.

    So what are we really saying here?  Buy an iPhone, because their lack of diversity will help keep it’s resale price high?  That’s the most terrible reason to buy a phone if I’ve ever heard one, especially in such an exciting time.

    • The 3GS isn’t a generation old. It came out in 2009. Since then, we’ve had both the iPhone 4 and 4S. Motorola has had numerous Droids since the original Droid. I’m not saying this is a great reason to ditch Android and go iPhone, but it does devalue the original Droid because it makes it seem outdated within a few months and shows little care for current customers.



  • Beechers

    Get real George

  • vinay hosamani

    “At Priceonomics, we firmly believe that resale value is the best objective indicator of product quality. ” 

    in that sense, my N900 is worth a fortune :p

  • Wes Hirschhorn

    I don’t know about the rest of you but at nearly 3 yrs old my Motorola Droid is pretty beat up with dings and a cracked screen that apparently nobody can fix. My daughter has it now and claims that it’s dropping her texts and other odd lapses. Who would want an older phone of any kind with the constant flow of new and improved handsets? I just wish Google had retained some kind of a leash on the software so there wouldn’t be so many variances of the Droid experience from vendor to vendor. Either way I refuse to be an iSheep and go iPhone.

  • Hello intomobile!   I installed android in my PC , (androidx86) just to experience android.  I don’t have a tablet and android phone so I studied how to install in on PC.  I can’t wait to have an android device so I can really feel how android works in a hardware. If only iOS can be installed in a PC maybe I tried it also.  

  • Technology is increasing day by day.In compare to the past advanced features are install in andriod phone.But thanks for the comparison in rates have gotten the idea about it.

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