Siri leaks details about its future ability to speak Japanese

Siri likes to talk, and it seems her chattiness has leaked some information about one of her upcoming features says a report from 9to5Mac. It all started when someone asked Siri what languages she speaks, and she answered with a simple German, Japanese, French and English. That’s a great answer except Japanese is not officially supported by the voice assistant, at least not yet.

When Siri launched, the voice assistant could speak and understand English, French and German. Apple’s Siri FAQ page confirmed that other languages including Japanese, would be added in 2012. We haven’t heard anything official from Apple, but Siri’s little slip suggests Japanese may be added in the very near future.

The upcoming rumored, iPad 3 announcement in early March might be a good time to roll out the next version of iOS 5 and add other languages to Siri.

[Via 9to5Mac]

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