Motorola updates its timetable for ICS rollout; wont hit US until Q3 2012 at the earliest

I’ve been having network connectivity problems with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and thought about switching to the Motorola Razr. Thanks to the latest information Motorola released about its Android 4.0 rollout, I’ve decided to stick with my Samsung. Motorola’s latest timetable for Ice Cream Sandwich reveals the bulk of the manufacturer’s handsets won’t see an ICS update until Q3 2012.

The Xoom Family Edition and few select overseas handsets will receive Android 4.0 in Q2 2012. The rest of Motorola’s lineup wont see the update until Q3 2012. Even worse, the top US handsets like the Razr, Razr Maxx and the DROID 4 don’t even have a date yet. These and other recent handsets are still in the planning and evaluation stage. At this rate, these phones won’t see Android 4.0 until almost a year after the Android OS was announced by Google.

You can check out the timetable for yourself on Motorola’s website. I would also like to know your thoughts on this issue and how it will influence your future buying decisions.

[Via Motorola and PhoneScoop]


  • Im tired of waiting for the update but i like my razr so much, but next time maybe i go for Samsung

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