No 32GB Samsung Galaxy Nexus coming – We blame Google

Ever since the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was announced, it was said that it would come in 16GB and 32Gb variants, yet we’ve still only see the 16GB hit store shelves. Well, it looks like Samsung has dropped the 32GB version of the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich phone altogether, with no reason as to why. While there’s no definitive reason for the halt of the 32GB version, we’d blame Google. More on that below.

This information comes to us by an Expansys employee that posted on the XDA forums the following:

We’ve just been notified this morning that Samsung have dropped the Galaxy Nexus 32GB from production. At this time it looks like they will not be releasing it. Not good news at all.


While it could be that the Galaxy Nexus isn’t selling as well as Samsung hoped, we can also imagine that there are other factors in play here and it doesn’t have much to do with Samsung at all.

Other than having an Android phone in your pocket, Google wants you to do something else and that’s use the cloud for virtually everything. This would explain why both the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus do not have expandable memory and could be a good reason why we’re not seeing the 32GB Galaxy Nexus variant. From music to books and everything in between, Google wants your data and information on their servers. Plain and simple.

Of course, that’s just our guess, but if you’ve been holding off on getting a Galaxy Nexus just for the 32GB version to pop up one day, we’re sorry to say that your chances look very grim.

I’ve personally never thought I’d care about expandable storage until I got the Galaxy Nexus but then again, I rarely use over 8GB on any phone I have anyway. Most of my tunes are in the cloud at this point, along with most other content I consume but the option would definitely be nice to have.

What are your thoughts? Think you could settle with a 16GB Galaxy Nexus or are you looking for something else now?

[Via: BGR]

  • I’m not sure what this is about.  I have a 32GB LTE Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  Is this article meant to touch down on the Sprint version of the GNex?

  • Semaj_leinad

    Doesn’t the Verizon version have 32GB?

  • Anonymous

    “Well, it looks like Samsung has dropped the 32GB version of the world’s first Ice Cream Sandwich phone altogether, with no reason as to why. ”

    Odd… my GNex must be lying to me cause it’s showing that I have 32 GB. How about you do a little research before you pump out garbage articles like this.

    • Anonymous

      hes talking about a 32gb gsm version. right now the gsm version only comes with 16gbs.

    • Anonymous

       What Nory826 said…. Pretty much thought that was a given..

  • Enoel69

    I have the 16GB GSM version and was hoping to get 32GB model with the rumored upgraded Ti OMAP 4470 chip w/ an upgraded 8Mpx cam…the current 5Mpx cam is not up to par. Well hope Tmo will get a 32GB model…lets just wait and see how it shakes out. If not then i will have my sights set on the Samsung GS3 and the HTC Edge/ Endeavor or now HTC One X. OR just hang tight till the next Nexus device which i will hope Google will go all out and not hold back on the specs. Frankly even though i like using the GNex…i think Google could have done better spec wise considering they knew the quad cores were coming. There are already 8, 12, 16Mpx cellphone cams out there….bugs my mind why they settled on a 5Mpx. Except for the rapid shutter release…the cam sucks big time

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