Show off your two-faced ways with this Galaxy Nexus case from Boxwave

If you’re looking for an interesting case for your Galaxy Nexus but aren’t impressed with Verizon’s current selection of cases and want something with a little more spunk, then you may like Boxwave’s DuoSuit case. This case may not like anything special but it’s still a unique that some may like the look of.

What makes the DuoSuit standout is the use of a frosted and transparent pieces on the back.¬† The case I reviewed was the grey version, which doesn’t really pop like some of the other color options do but you nonetheless see the visual flair. The thermoplastic polyurethane gives the case a nice give but remains relatively solid for protection.

Unlike the previous case that I reviewed, which is still my personal favorite, the DuoSuit covers the handset from virtually all angles. Expect for the face, of course. The sides of the case are lined with a textured design that helps one get a grip on the handset¬† and makes for an interesting in-hand feel. The volume buttons on the left and the power button on the right are molded right into the case, as you’d expect and is fairly easy to unlock the handset and turn the volume up or down.

Overall, the Boxwave DuoSuit is going to do what it sets out to do, which is protect your phone and look nice doing it. The visual flair isn’t terribly dramatic but it adds just enough to standout without looking stupid (rabbit ears on your phone? Really?). The case will fit both the GSM and LTE versions of the Galaxy Nexus.

If you like the pictures below, do yourself a favor and check out Boxwave’s site, as the other colors may be more to your liking.

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